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RaaRaa-17 - Simbaha

1000s of years back...

In the kingdom of Masaka...

There was a mighty king known as Kucheku. He was made king at the age of fifteen. Within next five years, he defeated several enemies. He was also a master of Tantra, Medicine and Mathematics. He developed various new ports and controlled the maritime business. His army and navy both were very much strong and due to this nobody dared to attack the Masaka. He wrote several sacred texts which were taught in the colleges of Masaka. On tenth year of his coronation, he married with his cousin, Nimilata.

He had a son, Kumeku, a daughter, Nimika. Both were twins. Nimika was very much interested in Astronomy, Architecture and Mathematics. Kumeku was fond of animals. He had lot of rabbits, dogs, elephants and cats in his palace. He was not interested in studies and that was a matter of concern for Kucheku. But the queen, Nimilata, told the king not to be worried as Kumeku was still a kid of mere 10 years.

10 years passed.....

Both are 20 years old. In the meantime, Nimilata passed away. Nimika, now an expert in astronomy, architecture, mathematics and geography. She also helped her father in administration. Kumeku as usual, spend most of his time with the animals. He used to play with them and tried to communicate with them. He was still least interested in the administration roles and studies. Kucheku was more worried about him now. As for every critical situation and important decision, he was bound to consult with Nimika. Nimika earned a lot of respect among the ministers and citizens also, as she regularly visited the different parts of state. She made several committees and ordered to make several temples of Lord Raaga. She also introduced special subjects of architecture and astronomy in various schools. She proved to be a good administrator. She with the permission of her father also opened up new hospitals. 

Kucheku was 55 years old now. One night he called both Nimika and Kumeku. Kumeku was little late on his arrival and Kucheku was furious on this. When Kumeku arrived, kucheku asked him that why he was so late. Kumeku politely replied him that he was busy with his animals. Kucheku got irritated with his reply and asked him to leave immediately. After couple of minutes Nimika was also told to leave, without any discussion. Nimika got disheartened. She went to his brother's palace. But she was shocked. Her brother was playing with a lion. Without any further inquiries, she returned to her palace. For almost a month she went to her brother's palace, watched him secretly and came back. She was surprised as well as worried also.

One day, Kucheku called all the ministers and influential persons of the state in his special assembly. Something was going on in his mind. Nimika was worried. Council of ministers were also worried as this was a special assembly. Kucheku was going to make some important decisions today. When king nodded, the functioning of assembly started. Nimika asked him, on behalf of all the esteemed dignitaries, about the purpose of this special assembly. Suddenly a messenger arrived and told him to wait and listen to him first as he was having some important things to tell them. King nodded again. The messenger open a cloth and showed that to king, that cloth was having a seal of Manraila. It was a message from the king of Manraila. The Manraila was a southern state sharing boundaries with Masaka. It was a declaration of war against the Masaka. Kucheku accepted the challenge and told his ministers to be ready for the war. His eyes were again searching for Kumeku but he was not there.

War broke out... 

Mantabhi, the king of Manraila, was known for his strategies whereas the Masakans were famous for their elephant troops and foot soldiers. With his special strategies Mantabhi was marching ahead everyday. Kucheku was worried as that war proved to be disastrous for Masaka. Almost every day, they lost some warriors and soldiers. Mantabhi made a strategic plan to attack directly Kucheku. 

The next day, Mantabhi along with his specialized commanders encircled Kucheku. Mantabhi was ready with his weapons to attack Kucheku. Kucheku was frightened, for the first time in his entire life. Suddenly a miracle happened. A lion came in between Kucheku and Mantabhi. Someone was riding that lion. But they all were not able to see who was riding the lion, as the speed of lion was too much and the face of rider was also covered. Immediately, one hand popped out and Kucheku was taken away by someone who was riding that lion, from the war field. In the next moment, that warrior again came and vanish. Mantabhi was shocked as he was surprised to see such an act, he was thinking who that person can be. He told his commanders to be alert. 

In the next moment, they heard roaring sounds of lions. Now, they saw a chariot. That chariot was pulled by seven lions. Kumeku was standing tall on the chariot. Mantabhi was surprised as he was not aware of heroic activities of Kumeku. Kumeku, also never did such things anytime before that war. Immediately, he took his weapon and killed all the commanders of Mantabhi. In the very next moment, Kumeku took out his sword and killed Mantabhi. There was a moment of joy in the camp of Masakans. Kucheku was standing in front of Kumeku with tears of joy in his eyes. The whole army was shouting " Kumeku... Kumeku... Kumeku... Kumeku...". They all went to the palace and relaxed. 

The next day....

Kucheku ordered the grand celebration in the state for next seven days. On the seventh day, he declared Kumeku as the next king of Masaka. Nimika was appointed the special adviser of Kumeku. Kucheku went to the port city of Maput. He spent his rest of life worshipping the Lord Raaga. Later on Kumeku was known as Simbaha in the entire landmass, a person whose vehicle (bahana) was lion (Simha).

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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