Monday, 19 November 2018

A'AABOMA-3 - The Intellectual Chora

Long time ago there was a child living in Masaka. His name was Kuchu. He was very brilliant in his studies. At the age of 11, he mastered himself in holy books. Not because he was interested but because of his great grandfather, who at the age of 89 wished to listen the religious scriptures from his great grandchild. Kuchu was very closed to his great grandfather. After school Kuchu spend time with him. They both discussed a lot of things with each other. 


6 years passed.....

Kuchu was 17 years old now. His best friend, his great grandfather was 95 years now. One night, great grandfather passed away. Kuchu was sad. But in spite of this, Kuchu topped in his exams. He told his father that he would like to study engineering. His father agreed. Kuchu again topped in his engineering. After completing his engineering, Kuchu went to a foreign country for further training and research. One day in the laboratory of that foreign institute, he found something new in that field. He didn't tell this to his co-researchers and experts. In the night, he went to draftsman. Kuchu gave some money to him and also his rough sketches with dimension. Within two hours his drawing was ready. 
Again Kuchu went to lab to cross check if he missed something. And yes, he missed a lot of things. So, he took all the original drawings with him and immediately went out from that sight. Within next 5 years, he crossed the boundary of that country and select sea route to return to his motherland, Masaka.
After 15 days, he returned to his home. He worked with various organizations and did very great research on those drawings. In the subsequent years, Kuchu's theories based on those drawings made revolutions in the state of Masaka. The state was benefited a lot.


Time passes.....

Kuchu was very old now, 85 years old. His grandchild, Pocha, was very much fond of him. Kuchu was a role model in his family and especially for his grandchild. One day, Pocha asked him about his inspiration. Kuchu narrated all the story to him. Pocha was surprised and asked him, " GrandPa, why you stole the drawings?" 
Kuchu replied that I never stole them and to understand all these things you have to listen me. 


Kuchu started his story. It was almost 150 years back, when my great grandfather was very small, some foreigners used to come to our house. They were doing researches on our religion and scriptures. The grandfather of my great grandfather helped them. The foreigners used to translate those scriptures in their language. But grandfather of my great grandfather was very clever. He did not show them all the scriptures. Those researchers came to know about this thing. One fine day, those foreigners took all the literature with them along with various drawings and went to their country. They never came back. They did a lot of research in the field of science and technology, those research were based on our literature. And now, that country in one of the best in the world in field of science and technology. But look, where are we. I came to know about this event from my great grandfather. And on that day, I decided to take revenge. All these events were part of my revenge. Frankly speaking I never planned these, these happened eventually. Those were The Intellectual Chora. 

Ashish Sarangi
Ashish Kumar Nayak

* In Odia language, Chora means a thief.
* This is purely a fictional story. Any resemblance to a living person or dead is just a coincidence.

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