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A'AABOMA-2 - The C

There was a cold country. In that country some thousands of people lived. In summer season, weather was awesome but in winter season, they had to struggle a lot. One day, Adrianshu, the priest and a famous teacher called Chimpan. Chimpan was a twelve year old boy, but brilliant in studies. At this tender age, he mastered himself in mathematics, astronomy, economics and their holy book. Adrianshu told Chimpan that you have to travel lot of places and have to choose a place where we all can go and live happily, since the persons here were not able to adjust themselves in the winter. Chimpan was surprised on his decision but later agreed. He took their holy book and some poisonous herbs with him, as a secret weapon.

He traveled for next twelve years. He visited lot of countries. Learnt their languages and made him mastered in their religious scriptures. When he was 24, he found a suitable place. That place was having summer and winter season, almost equally divided. And most important thing is that, in that place, they don't have to face chilled icy air waves. That place also had mountains, rivers, sea, sea ports and forest. Chimpan was excited to see all the things in one state.


He spent some days and nights on the streets, only to learn their language and culture. And while begging for food, one day, he met with Munika. Munika took him to his home and after couple of days, Chimpan asked him about a job. Munika was a gardener in King's palace. He told Chimpan to be prepared for next day. 

Next day, Munika took Chimpan to palace. That was really huge. Chimpan was surprised to see that. They met with Mumika. Mumika was the minister of palace's affairs. He looked at Chimpan and got impressed. Chimpan was tall and handsome with all kinds of masculine features. After some time, he agreed to keep Chimpan as a gate keeper. Chimpan started his job. He was very much obedient in his duties and responsibilities and so Mumika asked him if he can fight. Chimpan nodded and immediately he was made soldier. 

One day war took place with a neighboring state and Chimpan fought that war bravely. He killed almost one third of enemies alone. The king was highly impressed. He asked him to get a wish. Chimpan told him that he wanted to be his commander. King agreed. Within one year, he was made commander. Other soldiers and commanders felt jealous on him. But King made him commander to look after internal security, as if he had some doubts on him. After some days, he went to minister of internal security and asked him for leave of one month. Minister granted him leave. He immediately rushed to his native place.

He met with his parents and Adrianshu. Adrianshu was very old now. Chimpan briefed him about his travels and how he found that suitable place. He even drew a route map. Adraianshu told him that now it’s a perfect time, you immediately retuned back and started preaching our concepts and try to capture their minds, especially the young minds.

Chimpan returned within twenty days and resumed his duties. He started to make himself friendly with teenagers and teach them his own astronomy, economics and more importantly his holy books. The students were also excited as they were learning a lot of new things. He taught them about some new social systems and some new scriptures. With help of them, he developed a new language and started writing in that. In a very short span of time, he translated his all documents and told his students also to communicate all these things to their friends.

One day, during his regular visit, he went to a temple. He met with the priest and surprised when he came to know that his father was a sweeper in the palace. He immediately questioned him and told him that it was not good, as his father was a sweeper; he also had to be a sweeper. The priest was surprised. On the same day, he met with a cobbler whose son was a state minister. In the evening, he told his students about this and polluted their mind. He told them that son of a priest had to be a priest, son of a businessman had to be a businessman, son of warrior had to be a warrior and son of a sweeper or a cobbler had to be a sweeper or a cobbler. This message was spread like a fire. One day, the main priest came to the minister of internal security and told him that he would like to have his son as a new priest. Minister got surprised. He told the priest to wait for some time. On the very next day, the main businessman of the state came to minister and told him the same thing that he wanted his son to control the business of the state. Minister was surprised again. He met with the King and told him about the events. The King was also surprised. He asked him to look into this matter. After some days he told the King that all such non sense was spread by none other than Chimpan. King got furious and asked him to arrest Chimpan. Chimpan got arrested and King told the minister to hang him in the street in front of everyone so that in near future nobody could think of such things.

Chimpan was hanged in front of everyone. All the young ones got furious. They all were sad and after some days an internal war broke out between the sympathizers of Chimpan and of the State.

At the same time Adrianshu asked his king to attack them as they hanged Chimpan. They attacked and due to lack of unity of the opposition, they won the war. Within few days, whole culture was changed, holy books were changed, system of education changed and in a nut shell whole system was changed.


The name of this blog is The C. Whether you want to like your Culture or you want to be like Chakan, depends on you.

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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