Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Yes - Chagala Part4

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In the series of short stories related to the main character "Chagala", the last one was "Chetana, Chagala and Sanjana https://ashishkumarnayakodisha.blogspot.com/2020/01/chetana-chagala-and-sanjana-chagala.html".

Here is the 4th one "Yes". It is a separate blog and not a sequel to the previous one...

Few years back, Chagala joined a private organization.
9 hours of working hours and 3 hours of commuting to and from office, total 12 hours outside home.
Sometimes 10 to 12 hours in office only.
On weekends, he used to sleep in such a way as if he has sold the horses. :)
But he enjoyed his job and office life. 
He made some friends in office.
Chagala likes cooking. During some unofficial meet at a colleague's home, he likes to cook one dish for all.

One day, Chagala called me to have a tea party near his office.
I went to meet him.
His colleagues were also there near the shop. He introduced me with them.
We had a superb malei-marka tea and discussed so many topics.

After office, I came back to my home. But I was thinking about one thing all the way.
There is a new colleague in Chagala's office. 
He asked Chagala, "Are you married?".
Chagala replied, "*****Yes*****".
Colleague: Have you taken flat on rent? What is the monthly rent?
Chagala: No. I am staying in a PG/hostel.
Colleague: Is your family not staying here?
Chagala: No
Colleague: Why man? 
Chagala: Actually, my grandfather's health was not good. So I brought him here. Then suddenly, my wife's uncle and aunty also fell ill. As they dont have anyone to take care, they had to come here. All of them stayed here for around two years. 
It was very difficult to stay in a small 2BHK house. I thought of taking 3BHK house but it was too costly. And the medical expenses also rose. So, I thought of shifting them to native place where all can stay in a better house and I can stay in a hostel so that some money can be saved and the medical expenses can be managed. My wife will be there to take care of them and I can go home once in 4 months.

I was not able to understand why Chagala told like that. I thought of asking him later but forgot it for quite sometime.

After few months, I met Chagala. I asked him about that.
And he told: I have faced so many questions about personal life with a sacrcastic tone. 
             Some asked "Did you have any love failure and so you are not married?" 
             Some went a little above that and asked "Enjoying aa? Maje le rahe ho?".
             Then I had to tell them about me. They listen, forget and ask the same question or comment like that again after few months.
             Some went a little above that and asked "You are not married but you didnt sleep with anyone?".
             Some went a littel above that and asked "Do you have any physical problem that you are not married. Ha Ha Ha Just joking".
             So, This small lie helped me to avoid the hell. 
             When we are born in this society, we have to face the heaven and hell here only and I just tried to avoid the hell by a small story/lie.

After listening to this, I did not have anything to talk to Chagala. 
Then suddenly someone came and told "Read this book and you will get the path to heaven".
I and Chagala laughed like anything. :)

Ashish Kumar Nayak

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