Monday, 6 January 2020

RaaRaa-33 - The Master Strategist

Some Thousand Years Ago…..
In the state of Masaka…
King Kapimanu was almost in his 60s. He had a daughter who was 24 years old. Her name was Harimantika. Administrative and decision making work was controlled by her. Prime minister of Masaka, Prukendra, was just 28 years old. He was the youngest prime minister of Masaka and he rose to that level because of his expertise in strategy making. Everything was smooth in the state. No war from last 20 years and all were very happy.
One day, Kapimanu went to the temple of Lord Raaga with Harimantika and Pukendra. The temple of Lord Raaga was situated in the port city of Maput. After prayers, he went to peoples’ meeting and asked them about the grievances. But all were happy and hence no grievances were there. In that meeting one tribal leader was also present. His name was Kolabahu. He wanted to say something but not able to raise his voice. So he decided to meet the king personally. In the same meeting, Kubahu was also present. Kubahu fall in love with Harimantika at the first sight. Since he was not from a royal family, it was not easy for him to get his ladylove. But he became desperate for her.
Kolabahu went to meet Kapimanu in his palace. In that meeting he suggested few things but all his suggestions were discarded by Harimantika and Pukendra. He was insulted there also, so he decided to take revenge. So, he called all the tribal leaders in his home and told them about the incident. all tribal leaders took his side and took the pledge to support Kolabahu if any revolt happened. In the meantime, Kubahu made some strategy and he was also aware of the insult did to Kolabahu.
In the Bayavi kingdom, King Krurakshu and prime minister Kutapattu, were having secret discussions. They were not able to win Masaka from last 500 years. They want to have a war with Masaka and to win it. After meeting was over, they saw two guests who were waiting for him. They were Kolabahu and Kubahu. Kutapattu asked them for what purpose they were here as they were from rival Masaka kingdom. Kolabahu wanted to take revenge and Kubahu wanted his lady love. Krurakshu told him what were they expecting from him. Kolabahu showed him support of all tribal leaders and told him to declare the war against Masaka. And when the alliance will win the war, Kolabahu will be declared as the next Feudatory king. Krurakshu was impressed from the strategy of Kolabahu, a person in his mid 50s. Kubahu was silent. So war was declared but with the master strategy of Pukendra, Bayavi suffered a heavy loss.
Again after some gap another war took place but same thing happened. So again, Kubahu went to Bayavi and met with Kutapattu. He told him the Kapimanu is unbeatable and to get the Masaka they have to eliminate Kapimanu and Pukendra. So he suggested a master strategy.
Kutapattu travelled a lot in that time and convinced all the powerful kings for the adoption of a strategy. Almost all were agreed. But he never went to Masaka. Pukendra was aware of all the activities of Kutapattu. But he also ignored them. After travelling for more then a year, Kutapattu came and submit a report to Krurakshu.
Krurakshu organised a mass meeting. In that meetings all the kings were invited. Kapimanu was also present alongwith Harimantika. In that meeting, Krurakshu proposed to have an infinite peace strategy. In that he proposed to unite the entire landmass and to elect a king who can rule the landmass. All the kings supported Krurakshu, except Kapimanu. But in last after lot of persuasion, he agreed. So who will be king now. All kings supported Krurakshu for the post of King. But he proposed the name of Kapimanu. Kapimanu agreed. But Kapimanu was worried that who will manage the Masaka. Krurakshu proposed the name of Kubahu. Kapimanu agreed. So finally, Kapimanu was made the king of entire landmass. Krurakshu proposed his name as the prime minister to Kapimanu. All agreed. Kutapattu was the deputy of Krurakshu and Pukendra’s name was suggested as the chief adviser of Krurakshu.
Kubahu was made the minister-in-charge of Masaka state. After some days, he eventually got married to Harimantika, his lady love. Krurakshu took the total control of Masaka in his hand.
All were happy now.
But after some months, Kapimanu was made just a rubber stamp as the entire landmass was controlled by Krurakshu. He was helpless.
The person who suffered most was Kolabahu. He was not able to understand the strategy of Kubahu–The Master Strategist……
Ashish Sarangi
Ashish Ku. Nayak
Disclaimer: This is just a fictional story.

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