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Shefali and Chagala - Chagala Part5

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In the series of fictional short stories related to the main character "Chagala", here is the 5th one "Shefali and Chagala". It is a separate blog and not a sequel to the previous one...

Chagala and Shefali were childhood friends. Chagala was actually Chagala (naughty boy) from childhood and was not interested in studies at all. Somehow he completed the degree and started doing job in a small firm. But Shefali was a meritorious student and became a scientist. 

Chagala used to look the sky and think something. Shefali asked "What are you thinking?".
Chagala: Is there some other world like this earth somewhere in the universe?
Shefali: May be. No idea
Chagala: Can we go to the past or future if any time machine is there, like in movies?
Shefali: Hmmm... Not sure
Chagala: Shefali, What you working on in your organization?
Shefali: I can't tell right now but I will tell you one day for sure.

Shefali and the senior scientist in her organization were working on a project for a long time. And it was on a Time Machine and which can take someone back to the past. One day, they became successful in their work. 

After few days, Shefali visited Chagala's place. She narrated about the invention to Chagala.
Chagala immediately told that he was very much interested to go to the past in the time machine and requested to give him a chance. Shefali denied because Chagala did not have the knowledge about the technical aspects of the machine.

Shefali came to her lab and told about Chagala to her senior. Her senior 1st denied but later agreed. Chagala got few months of training in their lab. One day, he started his journey in the Time Machine and landed in the past. To his surprise, he saw only cattle roaming here and there and there was no human. Chagala tried to call Shefali using the wireless device of the Time Machine but it did not work. Few weeks passed like that. Chagala became frustrated. He thought of returning back to the present. He tried to start the Time Machine but it did not work. Chagala started praying God because no one was there to help. Chagala could not sleep that night with the fear.

Next morning, Chagala opened his mobile and tried to call Shefali just to give a try but he knew that it would not work. He was surprised that someone received his phone. But what the person on the other side was speaking was not understandable. Then the phone was disconnected. Chagala was a bit that at least human were there in that place. 

After sometime, few people reached there and Chagala was really happy. But they had to talk in sign language as their language was different. The talented among those people saw the Time Machine and understood what it was. Chagala told his name to him and asked about his name. He came to know that the talented person was Mr Laau. Mr Laau wanted to switch on the Time Machine but could not do it in the 1st try. Few months passed. Chagala and Mr Laau became friends and Chagala came to know about many things from him.

One day, Mr Laau told a word "SEFELI" to Chagala and then showed a sign of "danger" by crossing his hands below his head. Chagala was confused thinking "Is he telling about my friend Shefali?" and he was afraid as well because Mr Laau showed a danger-sign. Chagala asked the meaning. Laau told the same thing again. Neither Laau could explain nor Chagala could understand.

Finally, Mr Laau was successful in switching on the Time Machine. Chagala thanked Mr Laau and started his journey back to the present. After returning to the present, Chagala explained everything to Shefali. Chagala was happy that Shefali was safe. The word "SEFELI" as told by Mr Laau was still there in Chagala's mind.

One day, Chagala went to meet Shefali. Chagala knocked the door. After opening the door, Shefali showed her mobile phone towards Chagala and told "Heyyyyy, Meet my Friend Chagala. he went to the past and returned back". Then Shefali went on to show her parents who were sitting in the garden. 
Chagala asked, "Are you talking to someone on video chat?".
Shefali: No. This is a Live Broadcasting mobile app. I am broadcasting.
Chagala: But why are you broadcasting and why did you show your home, me and you parents also? There is something call privacy, isn't it?
Shefali somewhat did not like this and replied in a sarcastic manner "You went to the past and so you are replying like yesteryear fellows. Just chill. It is a modern world".
Chagala didn't say anything and returned back to his home.

Chagala was going to sleep but opened his mobile phone and then clicked the Khela-app which is used for downloading all mobile apps. He searched for different Live Broadcasting apps. He logged into one app and what he saw, was beyond his imagination. Shocked! Chagala thought, "Adults are their own boss but is there any validation for age restriction in these mobile apps?"! While he was thinking all these things and scrolling the Khela-app, his eyes went on to a app with the name "SEFELI" having a tagline "Drive Safely"!!!
At that moment, the mobile vibrated and Chagala threw that phone in fear. The he had some water. But the mobile was still vibrating and Chagala saw a name "Mr Laau". Chagala received the call.
Mr Laau: Hey Chagala, I told you about "SEFELI - Danger", right?
Chagala: Yes, Yeaaahhhh Yes Mr Laau. But where are you?
Mr Laau: I am always with you. I am your past and you are my present. 
And the call got disconected.

Chagala immediately switched on the light. Then checked the recent call history and there was no such calls from Mr Laau. :)

***Story of fiction***

Ashish Kumar Nayak 

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