Monday, 6 January 2020

RaaRaa-34 - The Untold Story

Some thousand years ago…
In the state of Masaka…
It was a golden period for Masaka, as the state was ruled by mighty king Prakhara. He told his army to be alert at any time but never fought war in last 10 years. He was rather involved himself in the philanthropic work like excavating canal, making the masaki language strong and developing the cult of Raaji (from the cult of Raaga himself). He was a peaceful person. He told all his tribal leaders to live peacefully and belive in all religions of Masaka. He introduced voting rights in the state for all important posts. All the citizens were living peacefully in the state.
In the mean time neighboring state Bayavi, which was ruled by king Kapatesh, was aggressively attacking other states and making an expansion. Kapatesh won the entire landmass. He even made friendship with some foreigners and used them in his expansion procedure. The last target was Masaka. His old and ailing adviser told him not to attack Masaka as they were most violent and could destroy the entire Bayavi. But Kapatesh ignored him and call his defense minister, prime minister and home minister and make a plan to attack Masaka. Kapatesh told them that since we are sharing boundaries with Masaka from all three sides so let us attack from the sea route. And the port city Maput and temple of Lord Raaga was their prime target. And they decided within 15 days they will attack the last independent kingdom of the landmass, the MASAKA.
The next day, a messenger came to meet King Prakhara and he told him about the plan of Kapatesh. Prakhara called his tribal leaders and defense minister and told them about the thing. They all assured King that nothing to be worry , we will win this war. Within 15 days, Prakhara deployed all his warriors and cavalries near border. Elephant, Bull and Horse cavalry were deployed at the three side of borders. He left the sea and Maput city open and made a different strategy. His generals were not able to understand this. He called the chief priest of temple Raaga and had a meeting with him in a closed chamber. After 30 min, both came out.
Maput city were made as no mans’ land. All the people with their household stuffs and cattle shifted to the capital city of Masakanagari. Maput city was totally evacuated. Only the chief priest stayed and that too in the temple of lord Raaga. And then the army of Kapatesh, along with him, arrived on the sea shore of Maput. It was a dead silence as the army marched inside the city. None were there. They all were happy as nobody was there to fight with them. The army with Kapatesh now standing in front of famous temple of lord Raaga. The door were closed. Kapatesh ordered to open the door but the door was locked inside. After listening some unwanted sound, chief priest appeared and blow the conch. The doors opened and Lion cavalry appeared and war started. Kapatesh was clueless, the smile over his face gone. There was a massive attack from all the sides. From the dead streets of Maput, Bull cavalry, Horse cavalry and Elephant cavalry appeared and the scenario changed.
At the border, the tribal warriors were giving a tough fight to the opponents. As per the order of Prakhara, they had to engage opponents for just 6 hours. They all knew that within 6 hours, the overall strategy would be changed. After 3 hours, maximum soldiers of Bayavi were dead and Kapatesh managed to escape and ran away towards Masakanagari. King Prakhara, riding a lion, followd him along with his selected warriors. Kapatesh arrived in Masakanagari and rush towards a monastery managed by followers of Lord Raatha. He entered the monastery and since it was place of worship King Prakhara decided to stand outside. After several minutes, some sages arrived and had a discussion with the King. King went inside and Kapatesh fell on his knees. Kapatesh requested Prakhara to let him go and he promised that he would never attack Masaka. Prakhara wanted to kill him but not able to do so as that place was sacred to him also, although he belonged to Raaji cult. So the sages played the role of mediator again. They made them separate from each other. Some stayed with Prakhara and rest with Kapatesh. The sages with Kapatesh arrived again in front of Prakhara and told him that Kapatesh had agreed that he will never attack any place now on wards and also will accept the faith of Raaji cult. After beliving them, Prakhara declared the end of war. Bayawi soldiers returned to their place. Sages told Kapatesh to accept the Raatha cult. Kapatesh accepted Raatha cult and then arrived in front of Prakhara. Prakhara was silent now as he thought that Kapatesh now accepted the faith of Lord Raaji. All sages were also present there. So Prakhara had to believe all of them. Prakhara gave Kapatesh some gifts and a statue of Lord Raaji. The sages showed some inscriptions on rocks inside the monastery about the good governance and told Kapatesh to abide with the rules and regulations which was written on that rock. Kapatesh agreed and returned to Bayavi but he always felt insulted.
After two months, Prakhara came to know that Kapatesh started propagating his own faith, which was different from Raaji cult, but he remained silent. After two more months, Kapatesh attacked another neighboring state, which was smaller and weaker as compared to Masaka. He killed some thousands of devotees of Lord Raaji. This time Prakhara became furious and declared a war over Bayavi. In that war, Kapatesh was killed and Prakhara brought back all the gifts which he presented to Bayavi. He made a monument in the memory of this war and inscriptions were written over there. But since most of the citizens adopted faith of Lord Raatha and also due to pressure of sages of Raatha monastery he wrote only “the Bayavi king” and omitted the name of Kapatesh. After all these events he made his son the next king and went to the city of Maput and dedicated his rest of life in the service of Lord Raaga (whom he worshipped as Lord Raaji).
But the history was changed forever……..
Ashish Sarangi
Ashish Ku. Nayak
Disclaimer: This is purely a fictional story and there is no relationship with any living or dead person.

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