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RaaRaa-25 - The Illusion - Part2 [Anatha]

Long ago...

In the Kingdom of Masaka...

The King was Jatamanu-II...

The chief architect was Ajaketu-1 and the chief engineer was Ajaketu-2...


In a village Dachaka, there lived a potter named Pagaidua. He was an expert in making pottery. Because of his skills, he was famous in his village as well as the nearby villages. When he built his house, he used some technique like using a paste (invented by him) and then heating it at such temperature that it would last long. He used to make small mud-plates and write all his findings and then burn it to make it stronger.

Pagaidua's wife was Pachidei and they had only one son named Nathua. Nathua used to study in
school and help his father in the pottery making. He slowly started learning the art.

Time passed...

One day, Pagaibua and Pachidei were outside their house and there was sudden thunderstorm and lightening which killed both of them. Son Nathua cried a lot but could not do anything! Cruel time took his parents away from him and Nathua became "Anatha (orphan)".

It was the time when Nathua had to survive on his own. So he continued with the pottery work.
One day while cleaning the house, he found the mud-plates on which his father wrote something.
He started reading those. To his surprise, he father wrote how to build disaster-proof houses.
He started implementing the concepts by constructing small houses and later bigger ones too.
Slowly he became famous throughout because of the unique talent. Instead of "Nathua", his name was spread among the people as as "Anatha".


In one of the earlier blogs, there was mention of the water-proof disaster-management cylindrical constructions. Please read here .
The King Jatamanu-II called for a meeting. The chief architect Ajaketu-1, the chief engineer  Ajaketu-2 and other scientists came to the King. King discussed about the water-proof disaster management houses.


Ajaketu-1 and Ajaketu-2 were not sure how to make such buildings. So, they started searching throughout the Kingdom to find such person who can build such water-proof houses. One day they saw the houses built by Anatha. They were really surprised. They met him and offered him a job and to work with them. Anatha was very very happy.

Anatha worked very well, guided the other workers and completed the water-proof houses.
Ajaketu-1 and Ajaketu-2 were very happy with this.
But...They never told anything to the King about Anatha.
Somehow the King came to know about a third person (Anatha) who is behind all the work.
King called for Ajaketu-1 and Ajaketu-2 and asked them about Anatha. But they lied and didnt say anything about Anatha.

Ajaketu-1 and Ajaketu-2 were very much tensed as all the credit would go to Anatha and they might lose their positions as cheif architect and chief engineer.

The very next day, Anatha was missing. No one ever saw him after that.

Thousands of years passed...

Many folk stories were created about Anatha but none of the stories mention anything about where he went missing.

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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