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RaaRaa-26 - The Buffer State

Some thousand years ago….
In the kingdom of Masaka….
There was a king named Nagantuka. He was very powerful and try to capture the whole landmass. His army was very powerful and comprised of lions, bulls, bears, snakes etc.
One day Nagantuka called his minister, Nagaku. Both made a plan to conquer the entire landmass. Slowly slowly they won the entire landmass. In the north part of that landmass there was mighty hills. Those hills played like a natural boundary. Nagantuka named them “Nagahimpa”. In the southern tip of landmass there was a mighty sea. Nagantuka named that as “Nagasi”. In the middle of that landmass, there was also a mountain range which was spread from one end to another end which was named as “Nagendragiri”, by Nagantuka. Nagendragiri was the actual boundary of Masaka kingdom. It was due to proper war planning of Nagantuka and Nagaku that they won the entire landmass. Nagantuka shifted his capital from Masakanagari to Nagapuri city, which was exactly in the middle of that landmass. He also established Nagasara city, near Nagahimpa and Nagatam city near Nagasi. He built a lot of temples of lord Raaga in those cities with the best architecture.
Beyond Nagahimpa hills, some dangerous persons lived. There tribes were known as Ajryapa. They all were tall and whitish in the complexion, having long beard. They were animal hunters and did not have any knowledge about traditional living. They ate animals and drank their blood. That was the only thing they do to survive. Namuma, a 26 year old man, was different from his tribe. He always had lot of anxiety to know about the civilisation beyond the hills. One day, Namuma, crossed the Nagahimpa and came to Nagasara city. He was surprised to see how systematic the city was, with lots of big farming lands, ponds, rivers, lakes etc. He travelled up to Nagendragiri. He thought that there was nothing beyond those hills. So he returned back to his homeland and share his experiences with his own people. They all were surprised to know about such a place and they decided to migrate. But how that was their man problem and what they will do in that area. Namuma made a plan that they will migrate in three lots. And when all of them were there, they will attack that area. Since they all were animal hunters, it will not be a problem for them to kill those civilised human beings. One fine day, Namuma along with 200 persons crossed the Nagahimpa hills. As per the plan, second and third migration happened after 15 days. In second lot, 1000 persons migrated and in third lot 5000 persons migrated. Within a month, all Ajryapas were migrated to Nagasara city and surrounding areas. They all mixed with local inhabitants initially but after six months, they started implementing their own strategies.
Beyond the Nagasi sea there was also a big landmass. That landmass was surrounded by sea and densely populated. That civilisation was also a big one. The name of that country was Lramia. They all were highly civilised and they know the traditional means of living. They also had farmlands, rivers, lakes and all those hilly mountains. They were also, well aware of Nagantuka and his army. They established good relationship with Nagantuka. All the things were going smoothly in Lramia but one day, an earthquake happened and divided Lramia into two parts. And within few hours tsunami occurred and almost half of their civilisation along with landmass submerged into the sea. Those who survived were standing helpless. They made a sudden plan of migration to Nagatam city. For this they also send an official letter to Nagantuka. Nagaku warned but Nagatunka allowed them to make establishments in Nagatam city and surrounding areas.
The migration took place from both the sides. Nagaku was very much worried. He internally prepared his army for all kinds of war. Lramians were very clever. They came to know about how Nagantuka won the entire landmass with his army. So they mixed with those different states. The same thing was done by the Namuma and Ajrypas. They killed the original inhabitants and pushed them back to Nagendragiri. Within few days war was declared from both the sides. That war was the most deadliest war in the history of human mankind. Ajrypas conquered the area till Nagendragiri. The Lramians also conquered the southern parts upto Nagendragiri. Nagantuka died in that war and his son Nagaputa was declared as the new king by Nagaku. Nagaputa shifted his capital again to Masakanagari as the war was still going on. Masakans fought bravely but they were depressed due to loss of their mighty king. After some days Nagaku also died. Masakans lost that war and Nagaputa came back to Masakanagari. That time was one of the most toughest time for him. The sad part was that he lost his father and Nagaku. But the good thing was that the original Masaka was still remain unconquered by the invaders.
Namuma was made king by the Ajryapas. He was a real barbarian. He killed the original inhabitants and those who survived came back to Masaka. In the southern portions of that landmass, Lramians selected Tholambuka as their new king.
Original Masaka state was untouched by the invaders and from that day onwards it served as the BUFFER STATE between the north and south to till date.

Ashish Sarangi
Ashish Kumar Nayak

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