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RaaRaa-6 - Transition

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The last blog (RaaRaa-5) ended with "...but this did not last long as there was something else written in their destiny...".

The state of Masaka became more prosperous with the agriculture, precious stones, handicrafts, education, defence and specifically with the maritime trade with the foreign lands. Every individual had a productive job to do during that time. The kings used to always work for the goodwill of the society and his army was always ready to defend his society in case of foreign attacks. The teachers used to educate the children, the farmers used to do cultivation and society used to run properly.

But time shifts just like a revolving round table. If the section of the table containing food is near you today, then it will be with someone the next moment.

One night, there was vibrations like an earthquake. Everyone thought that it might be a minor one. But after after sometime, the vibrations increased and everyone came out of their houses in fear. Some houses got destroyed and some people died too. There was chaotic situation throughout. The king of Masaka send his troops to start the rehabilitation work. The rehabilitation work was in full force.

The next day, there was a sudden undersea earthquake and the sea water started flooding the coastal plains. People never expected this to happen. This was just like the modern day Tsunami. Many people lost their lives, the farmlands got destroyed, and the situation of the Masaka kingdom became worst. 

But after every crisis, there is someone who takes the lead to save the society.
It was Jatamanu-II, the follower of the Jatamanu who later became the King and kept his name according to his teacher. 

The king called for his ministers and the scientists. They came up with a plan to predict the undersea earthquake before 2 hours based on the vibrations and sea level. They scientist invented one instrument for this.

Then the king called for the meeting of architects and builders. And all came up with a plan for water-proof rehabilitation houses during Tsunami. As per the order from Jatamanu-II, the people started their work and multiple water-proof cylinderical structures of height 250ft with top portion open, were built in the coastal plains. There was staircases on the outside wall to climb and in the inside wall to move inside the cylinderical structure. There were small rest houses made underground. 

When the next time the undersea earthquakes happened, it was predicted and many people moved inside the sheler houses and were saved. It was a grand success for the Kingdom and so the people.

But nature is more powerful. It was beyond anyone's prediction. 1st the earthquake happened on the surface and the huge water-proof cylinderical structures collapsed and then there was a massive undersea earthquake. The sea water flooded the Kingdom and almost 50 percentage of the Kingdom went under sea. 
Then after a gap of 300 years, again the society started coming back to its earlier situation by the hard work of the then leaders.

But the history of many places destroyed by undersea earthquake and flood, remained unknown.
After around 1800 years, some researchers found some ancient underground structures and told that those might be water-proof houses.

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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