Tuesday, 9 July 2019

RaaRaa-28 - Mahasangha

Some thousands of years back…
In the Kingdom of Masaka…
In the Raaga library of Masakanagari….
King Pakaburu was doing inspection of some books in the newly built public library of KalingaNagari. That library was the biggest in the state. It contains nearabout 1 million books and an equal amount of various manuscripts, related to science, maths, astronomy, archaeology, architecture, philosophy, geography and humanities. King Pakaburu called his prime minister and ordered him to write history of his state. Nambinemi, the prime minister, agreed and said that this was really a brilliant idea. King asked him about the time period and he replied that it might take 6 months. He also thought about the events and his responsibilities. His main duty was to collect all the data and then compile that in a book.  He also need a person who can write such a huge book for him.
Village: Kupihuda
City: Komokana
Chaminka was a 25 year old daydreamer. His main work in his home is to eat and to sleep. He lost his mother when he was a kid. One day due to excessive heat and work, his father died while working in the field. He was alone now. He was practically, a very lazy person. He never tried to work in the field. Due to his negative attitude, nobody liked him in the village. One day he decided to do something new and adventurous.. But what, he did not have any clue. He sold all his farmland and also his home. All his friends and other relatives were surprised, but none of them asked him that why he did so. With all his money, he started his journey on a bullock cart. He decided to go to Masakanagari.
After three months….
In the King’s palace…
Pakaburu was not so intellectual in nature. Although he loved to read books but he was not able to understand those books. He was a music lover and a real fighter. He used to ride bull and sometimes lion. But he was far away from the wisdom and intellectuality. His forefathers were experts in administration and scriptures and they all were strong warriors but Pakaburu was not like them. One day he called Nambinemi and asked him about the historical records. Nambinemi assured him that the work is going on and within the target date, he will complete the book. Nambinemi left the palace. But he was not well.
In the three months, Chaminka travelled across the state. He made several friends in other villages and cities, all from different tribes. He reached Masakanagari and that was also his last destination. He thought to start a business, a business of repairing of swords. With some of his contacts, he borrowed a small land and hired a blacksmith who will repair and made new swords. His main intention was to get the information about the activities that happened inside the palace. And slowly he made friends who are close associates of defense minister, internal minister and most important, the prime minister.
One day Chaminka told one of his friend that he wants to meet Nambinemi. And he met with him. Nambinemi was impressed and slowly Chaminka was made himself his loyal friend. they both used to meet everyday. One day Nambinemi looked worried and when Chaminka asked him about his tension, he told everything about historical book. Chaminka made a plan immediately and shared it with Nambinemi. Nambinemi was surprised and eventually nodded.
After two months…..
A Mahasangha was organised in the city. Around 100 of persons of different tribes were gathered and start writing the stories. Within three days around 10000 stories were available with them. Nambinemi was thrilled. He asked Chaminka now what. Chaminka told him to wait for 21 days. After 21 days, Chaminka arrived with the book and presented that book to Nambinemi. Nambinemi took that book to King.  Pakaburu was surprised and asked him how so early. Nambinemi told him about Chaminka. Chaminka was called by the King and in a mass gathering he publicly released the book ” History of Masaka” and Chaminka was felicitated by the king. Chaminka’s name was mentioned as the author. Suddenly a person started shouting that I wrote that book. King called him also on the stage and asked him about the things. The person told that his name is Babasa and he wrote that book of history. Pakaburu looked at Chaminka. Chaminka’s face turned pale but he gathered some confidence and replied that he actually narrated all the events and Babasa wrote them. King declared that both were the actual authors and felicitated Babasa also in that event. That book were declared as the national book and slowly and slowly that book became one of the most holiest book in the entire Masaka.
After thousand of years still that book is considered as the most important and holiest book in the land of Masaka…..
Ashish Sarangi
Ashish Kumar Nayak
***Fictional story***

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