Tuesday, 9 July 2019

RaaRaa-29 - DForm

Some thousands of years back…

Somewhere in the coastal plains, in the kingdom of MASAKA

A man named Duaraba was born with a deformation, i.e. he had one leg, and the other leg was very small. He used to walk with the help of a bamboo stick. Though born in a fisherman’s family, he chose farming as his source of livelihood. But when he had less work, he used to join his friends in deep sea fishing.

Duaraba was very much interested to join the Masakan army but he could not join due to his leg. His wish remained inside his heart…

One day he went for fishing with his friends. He saw a girl giving pots filled with water to the fishermen who were getting ready to go for fishing in the sea. He could not take his eyes off because… the girl too had a deformation. She had the two legs joined in such a manner that it looked like a fishtail.

One day, Duaraba went near the girl and asked her name. The girl replied, Deiraba. They started talking to each other when Duaraba used to come for fishing. And finally they got married and had a son who had a d… They didn’t lose hope!

The King of Masaka came to their village as part of the yearly visit of the Kingdom.
Duaraba thought that he would tell about his wish (joining army) to the King. He went to the King and told about his wish but the King denied as Duaraba had one leg which did not make him eligible to join army. Duaraba started to convince the King. So, the King told “Show me how fast you can run”. Duaraba started leaping with one leg but fell down!

Coming to Bhaaraba, son of Duaraba and Deiraba…
Bhaaraba was also born with a deformation. But his deformation was completely different from his father and mother. He two leg bones were joined but the leg-claw was bigger is size which helped him to jump like an animal called Kangaroo. Deiraba trained him to swim in the sea and Duaraba trained him to leap and run.

20 years passed. King of Masaka had a visit to Duaraba’s village. The King was surprised to see something… Bhaaraba leaping/running…with One Leg. The King immediately called him and asked who he was. Bhaaraba replied “I am Bhaaraba, the son of Duaraba and Deiraba”.
Duaraba requested the King to allow Bhaaraba to join the army. The King told that there would be annual festival and if Bhaaraba come first in the race then there would be a chance.

Time for the annual festival.
Bhaaraba on the field…
Duaraba and Deiraba were watching anxiously.
There was conch sound and it was played by the princess Masaka, Bhubadebi.
Bhaaraba started running so fast the his competitors were far behind in the race and Bhaaraba came first in the race. The King became very happy and appointed Bhaaraba in the army. And the time came when Bhaaraba became the army chief. The King then arranged the marriage of the princess Bhubadebi with Bhaaraba.
Both Bhaaraba and Bhubadebi lead from the front in the wars against rival nations and secured the Kingdom of Masaka. After their demise, the people of Masaka built a war museum where the statues of Bhaaraba and Bhubadebi were placed at the centre!

If we think about Duaraba/Deiraba/Bhaaraba, the deformation in the body was not actually a “Deform” but it was “DForm [The Form]”.

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

***Fictional story***


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