Friday, 25 December 2020

Money may not be everything

Few decades back...

In a village...

A boy was born in a middle class family. Parents gave him the name, Krutibasa. After few years, he started going to the village school. But his parents were unhappy that he was not doing well in his studies. Parents sent him to a private tutor but there was no improvement. Somehow he just passed the 10th board exam.
But from childhood, he was very much interested to learn Odissi dance. Sometimes he used to go to the nearby village where a dance teachers used to teach Odissi dance. He used to watch and learn from there. But he could not get professional training as there was no support from family.
After the school studies were over, one day he went to the dance teacher and requested to teach him Odissi dance. The dance teacher was old and stopped dance classes few years back due to health issues. 
Initially he denied but looking at the interest of the boy, he agreed.
But the boy did not have money to give to the teacher. So he used to help the teacher in his household work and sometimes bring cooked food for him. And the teacher took the boy as his student. 

After few years, the boy Krutibasa became a well known Odissi dancer in the locality. He used to perform in the dance shows in the villages and sometimes in the city as well. 

Time passed... But the earnings did not increase to have a better life...

After few years...

A foreigner came to Odisha for a tour. He saw the dance program where the boy performed. He was impressed. He called Krutibasa and talked to him for sometime.
After returning back to America, the tourist contacted an organization who organize cultural events. Through that organization, Krutibasa got the ticket to America. Though the dance programs, he started earning good for a better life.

The house Krutibasa was residing, had a restaurant run by the houseowner's daughter, Michelle. Krutibasa and Michelle fell in love and got married.
Few years passed like that.
Now was the time for Krutibasa to return back to Odisha as he had the aim of starting a dance school in his village. Michelle was also interested to come with him. Both came to Odisha.
But they did not receive warm welcome from Krutibasa's parents as the marriage was between two persons with way diverse culture... Same reaction from villagers too.

Then starts the phase of criticism... about the daughter-in-law... About being from a diverse culture... "Dekhe lo... maa"... 

As Michelle had prior experience of running a restaurant, she planned to a open shop in Odisha too. She thought for sometime and asked Krutibasa about the handicraft items available in Odisha. Krutibasa told her about Pipili Chandua/Applique, Sambalpuri Saree etc...
Within short span of time, Michelle started a shop for handicraft items.
This was also not digested by the society. Girl is running a shop?!!! Driving scooter?!!!
As usual, the people who never come for help in bad times, have enough time to criticize or taunt.

One day, Michelle got a message that her father is admitted to hospital. He rush to her native place in America.
Her father got cured and she stayed there for few months to take care of her father.

But times were not good! Michelle got a message that Krutibasa is suffering from a terminal illness. She came back to Odisha. But within few months Krutibasa passed away.
And then? Shattered... 
Sadists made it more worst. All the criticism was on Michelle that this bad luck was due to her! And you know the situation of widows that time how they were made to remain away from the society!

Michelle did not have any choice left. She returned back to her native nation.

Time passed...

One day, Krutibasa's family received some amount of money. And it was sent by Michelle.
What next? Just think...

The villagers started praising Michelle as a good daughter-in-law!!!

"Money may not be everything but it means a lot."

***Story of Fiction***


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