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There was a time in Kalinga when republican system was there and later changed to king ruled states. People had good co-ordination among them whether old or young. So, They were able to prosper in business and also able to control the country. But later, as part of the power-shift concept, Kalingan power started fading.

From the time of Kalinga to the time of Odisha, the land might have faced many ups and downs. Some people in the current time revisit that history and get prepared and act for future and some are not interested as they think "how and why to think against the already established stories of 'all same'? ". Ok, Who is that 'all same' group and what did it preach you? Does it tell you not to be a little selfish for the state? Are they not selfish for themselves?

Coming to the point of 'tubewell'. There was a small village. The village sarpanch installed a tubewell/borewell so that people can easily get good quality of water. Later after few years, few more tubewells are made as the old tubewell did not function properly & so the old one was abandoned.

Time passed. At point of time, some group of other place started staying near the village. Their lifestyle and systems were somewhat lookalike of the system followed in the old village. They as part of the process, cultural exchanges happened between two groups/villages. By this time, the previous Sarpanch and his generation have become very old. So, The new generation Sarpanchs have taken the lead. 

One day, some people of the new village came to the old village and asked for the abandoned tubewell so that they can repair and use it. The current Sarpanch agreed to it. But the old generation didnt agree to it. They quarreled with the young Sarpanch and new village guys. But the village youngsters made fun of them and told "jatra karuchhanti be ye budha gudaa (these old men are making unecessary drama)". And finally the old men kept quiet and the abandoned tubewell was given to the people of the new village and they repaired and started using it.

A time came when the water level reduced in the old village and water scarcity started. The people of old village went to the new village to get water but they were denied. And the new village fellows kept one condition that if want to get water, then the old village people need to accept the Sarpanch of the new village as their village head.

Now there were no choice left with the young Sarpanch and youngsters. They finally came to the old men of the village and felt sorry for what they have done. The old men just advised not to waiste time in remorse as the time can not be rewound and work hard for getting some new tubewells in the village but keep in mind that the 'all same' concept is not always valid or otherwise you may loose the new tubewells as well. You may or may not be selfish for personal gain but no loss in being a little selfish for the village.


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