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RaaRaa-2-3-4-5 - The legends of Masaka, The revenge of Pakitra, The legends of Karaka, The legends of 100 Mausakas

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RaaRaa 2 - The legends of Masaka

Some Thousands of years ago….

Somewhere in the Coastal plains….

The state of Masaka….

Today is a special day for the citizens of MAPUT. After a long time, King Ganaka is going to the port city ofMaput to offer prayers to God RAAGA. The beautiful queen Raajhini, daughter Harinilata and son Pakitra, chief minister Klinkara and the furious bodyguards Bhungu and Nagu, accompanied the king Ganaka. He reached Maput early morning. There is a festive mood in the city. Lots of arrangements were done by the city administration to please their King. After all he is the king. He can develop the city, a port city and can also destroy it, in few seconds.

The king was before his scheduled time. As the city administrator, Bishuvisha, ensured that there was everything happens smoothly. Bishuvisha, who also holds a degree in architecture, instructed his deputies day before yesterday that he don’t want any irregularities and no hustle-bustle during the journey of the King.

The temple of God Raaga was a big one, rather say a very big one. After offering his prayers to the God, King asked Klinkara to have a sabha(meeting) in the temple itself. Klinkara and Bishuvisha looked at each other surprisingly and indicate the gatekeepers to allow the common men inside the temple for having an interaction with the King. People came and blessed the king and his family. He also asked them about their well beings and if they are facing any problem or serious issues in the state and city. To his surprise, all were satisfied with his rule and also with the city administrator.

After the sabha, king went to his palace in the city. He planned to stay there for three days. Suddenly, Kumbhahala, the chief of special services, asked for permission to meet the King. Bishuvisha agreed immediately and he was rushed to king.
Kumbhahala was looking worried. Looking at him, Ganaka ordered everyone to leave and asked him about the matter. Kumbhahala replied that Krurangya, the King of Bayavi, wanted to visit Masaka. This answer made Ganaka worried. He knew about Kruragyan.

Bayavi had a long mystrious history and Kruragyan also had the same. His father, Binduka and grand-father, Bimbika both were adminstered by Jatila, the man who wanted to destroy each and every city. Although the history of Bimbika and Binduka was very clear, the history of Jatila and Kruragyan was mysterious. Jatila died few years back but he told some special mantra for war to Kruragyan. Kruragyan applied the same and conquered almost half of land mass.

Immediately Ganaka ordered the special services, its military forces to cover the border. He called leaders of his special tribes. Kaka(Indhu Tribe), Messa(Karaka Tribe), Mullarla(Rasiaa Tribe), Kushtuna(Ausuna Tribe) and last, the most furious Toshomono(Migapo Tribe). All these tribes were the warriors and had an expertise in gorilla war techniques. They assured the king to provide all their support and if required, will die for their Masaka.

Ganaka then rushed to his capital, Mopulga, with all his family members and Klinkara. It was the dark night. The very next day, a person asked for a special permission with the king. After checking that he does not have any weapons, Klinkara allowed him, with the king’s consent. He was standing in the middle of sabha. Ganaka was seated on a mighty throne. He asked the person about his identity and the purpose to visit him in front of every one.

He replied politely that his name is Masabaha and he is the messenger of special minister of King Kruragyan. He had a special message for Ganaka. After observing his gesture, Ganaka orderd everyone to leave except Klinkara. When everyone left, Masabaha came closer to Ganaka and fell on his knees and cried. After consoling him, Ganaka asked him about his well beings. He appealed to save his king, the mighty and crooked Kruragyan. He took out the special message and gave it to the king. The message had a seal of Bayavi and bears a signature of special minister.
“To the almighty king of Masaka, who possess the power of special tribes, who posses the numerous sea ports, who is having rivers like Manayi and Khyama, who possess the special blessings of Lord Raaga, The king Ganaka. PLEASE SAVE OUR KING”
Ganaka was surprised and asked Masabaha to tell the detail version. Masabaha replied. “The king Kruragyan is now under treatment from last six months. Even the best medical practitioners were not able to identify the disease. At last they told to visit you, since you are having one of the best hospitals near your capital. Please save him. He is our king.”

Ganaka was surprised. After lots of consultation with all his ministers, he agreed. Masabaha rushed to the capital of Bayavi, Bayavihitana and explained all his communications to Krurapati. Delighted, Krurapati made all the arrangements and started the journey towards Masaka. The king Kruragyan was mentally depressed and almost lost his memory. On the border of Masaka, his health became more critical as he was attacked by paralysis. After hearing this, Ganaka with his ministers, rushed to the border and made arrangements to bring the king Kruragyan to Hemabantasila, the institution near river Khyama, which was the best institution in the entire land mass. Science, Engineering, Medicine, and Philosophy almost all the subjects being taught there.

Kruragyan was admitted in that. Ishaganika, the principal of Hemabantasila, along with his chief medical officer Shruyatayu, a team of medical officers comprising of Nibhigna, Nimmita, Mimushu, Samayu and Shumku along with his personnal assisstant Mahaganika rushed to the bed. They all were surprised to see the condition of such a dangerous king. And “how handsome he is”, thought Mahaganika in her mind.

In the next moment, King Ganaka ordered to start the treatment of Kruragyan. With all the nature therapy, herbal therapy and most importantly, tribal therapy the medical officers came and start immediately the treatment. Sandal paste was applied on his body followed by Rose water. These two things were continued for three days and then the real treatment started. After ten days, he was fully recovered from paralysis. Then some medicines and with help of tribal therapy he also regain his lost memory. In the mean time, Mahaganika developed some feelings for Kruragyan. She tried to tell him about her feelings but something stopped her.

One fine day, Ganaka came and had a meeting with Kruragyan, Krurapati in presence of Klinkara and Ishaganika. He told the Kruragyan that within next two days he will be completely fine and after that he can go to his own kingdom. In that night, suddenly Kruragyan woke up from the deep sleep and attracted towards some mystic chants. He went to that place where some secret tribal rituals took place. He wanted to enter in that secret dark room but Mahaganika came and stopped him. She took him on the banks of river Khyama. She, thought this to be appropriate time, told all her feelings to him. Kruragyan gave her a smile and assured her about marriage. He asked her about those mystic chants and how he was treated, what was the secret of the treatment and a lot of things. And Mahaganika told everything to him.

The very next day Kruragyan and Krurapati had a long conversation in a secret room. They had to leave the place tomorrow morning.

On that day, King Ganaka gave them various gifts which almost doubled their luggage. Both Kruragyan and Krurapati left the place just at the time of sunrise. Kruragyan wanted to meet the medical team but King Ganaka replied politely that since you have to travel a lot of distance so please go otherwise you can face lots of wild elephants in your way, which could put you in trouble. So without meeting them both leave the place.

Just at bank of river Manayi, messenger of Ganaka suddenly reached there and gave the news to Krugyan that all the team of medical officers, including Ishaganika, and Mahaganika, were dead. Kruragyan and Krurapati rushed again to the Hemabantasila. All were crying in the memory of their beloved medical officers. King Ganaka was very much depressed including Klinkara. Kruragyan and Krurapti enquired about the things. King Ganaka told that they all were fine in morning. While doing their daily rituals in the temple a very strong wind blow and in the next moment, they all were dead.

Kruragyan watched all the bodies and while having a look on the body of Mahaganika, he gave a smile, a very cunning smile. This was observed by none other then Ganaka. In last, they left after paying their tributes.

After Crossing the border Krurapati asked the King how he executed such a superb plan in such a small time. Kruragyan gave a very good reply and in details.
“Krurapati, day before yesterday, Mahaganika told me about some books of wisdom they are having, at the basement of the hospital, Hemabantasila. In the midnight, I went there. I observed that, the temple is just above the basement. I searched for the books and after finding them, I look for the book related to medicine. It was written in some local language which we have to understand. But the main thing is they also have pictographic version in the same page, from which, I understand how to make poison and spread it on the ground. This poison will start reaction after 5-6 hours, mix in the air and will give a sudden impact. Interesting thing is that none can identify this. I immediately started its preparation and mix it with air in the basement. When, these people came to the temple, they inhaled the poisonous air and died immediately. And now, I am having those books of wisdom with me which we will translate in our language and will rule the world. I will re-write the history”

Destiny made her choice….

History of that land mass changed forever….

RaaRaa 3 - The revenge of Pakitra

Some Thousand Years ago….
Somewhere in the Coastal area….
After reaching Bayavi, Kruragyan showed the books of wisdom to all the intellectuals. Some intellectuals discarded those and some showed interest. Among them who showed interest, was Kalikapa. Kalikapa is the minister of culture and rituals. He tells Kruragyan that these books are treasures. These are more efficient and practical if you compare with ours. He also tells that mere pictography is not sufficient as we have to translate these in our own local language. We have to learn their tribal languages otherwise these are useless for us, tell Kalikapa.

Kruragyan was worried. He is not getting enough ideas in his mind how to translate the books. He called Krurapati. Both had a long discussion in the closed room. On the very next day, Kruragyan started his journey to Masaka to play his last gamble.

In the capital city of Mopulga, all things were not good as before. Top medical officials were dead, books of wisdom were stolen. All were disheartened. Suddenly, a messenger came and told king Ganaka that, Kruragyan was standing at the border of Masaka. Ganaka remained silent as he did not tell his citizens about the kind of activities that Kruragyan did. Ganaka tell his messenger to open the boundaries for Kruragyan. Kruragyan was surprised with this act.

In the courtroom, Ganaka allowed Kruragyan in his assembly and asked everyone to leave. On the arrival of Krurangyan, Ganaka asked him for his purpose of visit. Kruragyan told him that there is no special purpose but this was just a formal visit. He wanted to know about the things that took place after that incident of Hemabantasila. Ganaka was surprised with his innocent act but he pretended as if he knew nothing.

During that meeting, somehow Kruragyan, convinced him that he will make frequent visit to Masaka. Ganaka agreed. During these visits, Kruragyan spend more time in tribal areas, rather than in the palace of Mopulga. This thing make Ganaka little bit worried. So he deputed two spies to follow him. To his surprise, he mastered himself in four tribal languages out of five. He called Kruragyan and asked him to leave immediately otherwise he had to face severe consequences. Kruragyan gave Ganaka a cunning smile and told him “You are very old now and can not retaliate.” And he left Masaka forever.

Time passed. King Ganaka was dead and now Pakitra is the new king of Masaka. Before leaving the world, king Ganaka told everything to Pakitra. Bishuvisha, in the mean time just to preserve their rich culture and faith, developed some other cities like Maput. He rapidly built temples of Lord Raaga in those cities.

One night, King Pakitra, called the chief of special services, Kumbhahala, the new chief minister Klinkara and Bishuvisha. He recalled the day when his father died and told him about the things Kruragyan did to their kingdom Masaka. All three were furious while listening to these things and persuaded Pakitra to declare a war against the kingdom of Bayavi and king Kruragyan.

Pakitra called all his tribal leaders and also told them everything. They assured him all possible help and after that he declared war against the Kruragyan.

That war cost Kruragyan heavily. While Pakitra made all the plannings, Kruragyan fought the war without any planning. Pakitra himself raised the sword and in last killed the Kruragyan and Krurapati. Bayavihitana andkingdom of Bayavi was now a feudal republic under the rule of Masaka. Pakitra found one book of wisdom only out of two. Second book was missing. He was worried. A loyal of Kruragyan told him that the missing book was with the north eastern states of that massive landmass. Kruragyan gave them this book. Pakitra was not so much strong to declare war against those states to get that one. So he remained silent after seeing the facial expression of Kumbhahala.

He came back to the city of Mopulga. With help of Bishuvisha, he built a monument known as Khandaudulka, just to showcase his victory over Bayavi and to pay homage to his father Ganaka.

Meanwhile, in the port city of Maput, alongwith the intellectuals of tribals, Bishuvisha, is developing a new scientific script, the Masaki script, just to rewrite the book of wisdom.

But the second book of wisdom is still missing, the book of defeating any enemy with use of just hands and legs and more importantly without any weapons……

RaaRaa 4 - The legends of Karaka

Some Thousands of years ago….

Somewhere in the Coastal plains….

The state of Masaka….

Kshnabhi and Visagru were best friends. They studied in the same academy. They shared each and everything among themselves. From morning to evening they spend whole day with each other. But they never go to each other house despite of the strong bonding. Reason, they both belong to different tribes. Kshnabhi belong to the Migapo tribe and Visagru was from Ausuna tribe.

Migapo tribe was the most furious tribe of Masaka. They were headed by Kunutsu. He was the leader of tribe. An expert in warfare techniques and rituals. He was an ardent follower of Raaga. He practiced tantrism and wrote some important sutras which were helpful to astrologers and astronomers of that time. Overall he was one of the most intelligent people of not only Masaka but of the entire landmass of that time.

Ausuna tribe was also furious. Headed by Vihagru, they were having expertise in gorilla war. Vihagru and Visagru both were twins but due to early demise of their father, the tribe decided to make Vihagru as their leader. Vihagru possessed some miraculous powers and due to this, he was the choice.

Both tribes used to live separately and have interaction among them. But they won’t allow each other inside homes. They both were part of kingdom of Masaka and follow all rules of the kingdom.

One fine morning, Kshnabhi and Visagru met with each other and shared some secrets with each other. Both were in love with their respective elder brother's wives. Both told each other the names of respective lady love. Kshnabhi named Muninbaka, the wife of Kunutsu, who was extremely beautiful and a doctor by profession. Similarly, Visagru named Bukusika, wife of Vihagru. Both could not do anything as their brothers were more superior and mightier as compared with them. They expressed their feelings with each other and decided to wait.

There was also a Karaka tribe, in the state of Masaka. They were somehow advanced and modernized in their thinking and practices. Headed by Kodanda, they were the most prosperous and economically strongest tribe in the state. His two sons, Bakyata and Takyata were the students of Kapalambi. One day, Kapalambi took them to the state of Salako. On that day, king Kanjala were expecting some guests to see his daughter, Mrugakshi, for marriage purpose. Mrugakshi was, one of the, most beautiful princess of her time. After listening about her beauty, Bakyata, expressed his desire to marry her. Kapalambi met with king Kanjala and discussed. After seeing Bakyata, Kanjala took his decision and both were married. When Bakyata returned to his home along with his bride, Kodanda got furious. He told Bakyata that without having information how he took such a bold step. Bakyata was standing clueless in front of his father. His father told him that he was having one month of time in the home and after that he could go anywhere with his wife. Only Takyata was there to support Bakyata. On the 20th day, Bakyata came to know about some gynogenic problems of his wife. So he decided to leave the home and go to forest to have natural treatment of his wife. Takyata also decided to follow the footsteps of his brother. Both left along with Mrugakshi.

Kshnabhi and Visagru came to know about this matter. They decided to play a dangerous game.

Kshnabhi went to Kunutsu and told him about the problem Bakyata and Mrugakshi were facing. Kunutsu told Kshnabhi what we can do. Kshnabhi told that you are having an herbal garden. We can treat his wife with natural herbs. Kunutsu agreed. He went to the place where Bakyata and his wife were living in the forest. But Mrugakshi was alone at that time. Kunutsu gave his introduction to her and then wait for Bakyata. But after waiting for couple of hours, he told Mrugakshi to come with her. Mrugakshi first refused and then agreed. She wrote a letter for her husband and then goes with Kunutsu.

In the mean time, the small hut where Bakyata, Takyata, Mrugakshi lived, was damaged. Bakyata and Takyata returned and were worried as could not find Mrugakshi. They started searching her. After three days, Visagru met with them and told them that he saw a lady along with Kunutsu. Now, Bakyata was furious. He told Visagru to help him. Visagru agreed but on one condition. Bakyata had to kill Vihagru (Visagru's elder brother). Bakyata agreed. One day, according to plan, Visagru declared war against Vihagru. Vihagru was on elephant and Visagru was on lion. Bakyata was hiding on the top of tree. After getting signal, he shot Vihagru. Vihagru was dead. Visagru was made leader of Ausuna tribe. He proposed to Bukusika (Late Vihagru's wife) to marry her. She first refused and after intervention from Bakyata, she accepted. Visagru extended his helping hand towards Bakyata.

In the mean time, Kunutsu kept Mrugakshi, in his herbal garden. His wife, Muninbaka, a doctor, personally treated her. Natural herbs, rose water and various lotions were used in the treatment. All were made by Muninbaka.

Visagru, with help of local militia, showed the way to Bakyata and Takyata. In the mean time, Kshnabhi, met them and proposed to help, which Bakyata accepted. Kshnabhi made a proper plan and route map to attack Kunutsu (Kshnabhi's elder brother). Bakyata along with the help of Visagru and Kshnabhi, declared war. Kunutsu were unaware of all these plots and he fought bravely. But by hook & crook, Bakyata killed him. Bakyata also made Kshnabhi as the leader of Migapo tribe. Kshnabhi told Muninbaka (Late Kuntusu's wife) to marry him. But she hesitated. Later, Bakyata made her convince and then she accepted the marriage proposal. All the persons of Migapo and Ausuna tribes were present in that. But Mrugakshi was still in the herbal garden of Kunutsu.

Mrugakshi was unaware of all these and when her treatment was over by Muninbaka, she went again to her husband, Bakyata. She enquired about Kunutsu but Bakyata and Kshanbhi refused to explain the events.

Kshnabhi and Visagru got their lady loves by killing their elder brothers by hook or crook...
They always met, drink a lot and exchanged jokes with each other...

Bakyata, Mrugakshi and Takyata were still unaware of the facts, returned to their home as they came to know about the death of Kodanda. Bakyata is now the new chief of Karaka tribe…..

Kshnabhi and Visagru changed the history of the entire landmass...

RaaRaa 5 - The legends of 100 Mausakas

Some Thousands years ago…
Somewhere in Coastal area…
In the state of Masaka…

Princess Masumati was on a survey of her kingdom, Masaka. Kingdom of Masaka was one of the most flourished state in that entire landmass. Lots of beautiful hill stations, rivers, ponds and lakes were there. They were also having some hundreds of kilometers of coastal belt, with various seaports like Maput, Manuk, Nimba, Gopulpa etc.

The present king is Sambhasira. He was just a way ahead from his predecessors. His warfare technologies were superior then the previous ones and he was key person who was more and more accepted among all tribals of Masaka. There were total 100 tribals existed in the Kingdom of Masaka, but the major Five were Indhu Tribe, Karaka Tribe, Rasiaa Tribe, Ausuna Tribe and the most furious Migapo Tribe.

It was a regular survey by Princess. She was conducting such things every week and from last 10 years, no complaint was found by the internal minister. No case of law and order irregularities.

Jatamanu is the brother of Masumati. The prince and heir to the throne. An intellectual in tantra and astronomy, he holds a degree in architecture and involved in the construction of various temples and monuments in the entire state.He popularize the cult of Raaga, the beloved lord, by making various temples and educational institutions in his name. He was also a good strategist.

One fine morning, while sitting in the balcony and in front of river Khyama, Sambhasira, told Manuba, the queen that now he wanted to announce the retirement and make a way for the next generation. Manuba agreed. She asked him that what was going on in his mind, but Sambhasira, remained silent.

A meeting was organized by the king. Leaders of all tribes, merchants, intellectuals and many more were invited along with the peoples’ representative. Near about 1000 people were seated in the assembly house of the king, waiting eagerly why such an emergency, what happened.

The palace of Gajapuri, Capital city, was a very big one. As the name suggests, it was a city of elephants. The state of Masaka, conducted census in every alternative year. As per the census report, the total population of state was 5 crores. And intrestingly, the numbers of elephants were 10 lakh. Well, elephants were their symbol on the map. In their flag, the face of elephants holds a special place.

The court man declared the arrival of King Sambhasira, alongwith Jatamanu and Masumati. After their state anthem, they all sat and assembly started with the speech of King. King declared his retirement from the throne and declared Jatamanu as the next king. But Jatamanu had something extraordinary in his mind. He stood and declared his sister, Masumati as the next ruler of the Kingdom. All were surprised including Sambhasira. But Jatamanu had made his mind. He gave the throne to his sister and promised her in front of everyone that he will help her in all kind of things. Masumanti, shocked and surprised, with this act, gathered some courage and announced that all the persons who were sitting here belonged to some tribes, and now on wards, she would be known as the mother, not as the queen and will remain unmarried in her life. And now she is the mother of 100 Mausakas. These 100 Mausakas will be now known as 100 brothers, Masumati officially declared it.

In the neighboring, mighty state of Bayavi, the king Shatrudeba, popularly known as Deba, was watching all these events. In his palace, he was very eager to know that how a lady can rule such a big state. So he planned to visit that state as a common man. He changed his name to Shatruka and started a nomadic life and settled in Gajapuri as a merchant. During his stay in Masaka, he tried to cover the various aspects of the state. He understood their cultural roots and also satrted worshipping Lord Raaaga. He made a tour to Maput, the biggest port city and made sea voyages also, to different countries. He was surprised to see the various colonies, established by Mausakas, in other countries. He spent almost three and half years with them. And one night, he returned to Bayavi.

In the meantime, near Mahendrapahada, Jatamanu started a new kind of meditation. He, now, turned out to be more practical and in his looks, more furious. He established a small village and named it Mahendrapuri. He started a small school and trained the pupils in tantra and architecture. He built, aggressively, near about 500 temples of Lord Raaga in and around Gajapuri. He mixed tantra, architecture and astronomy and as a result all the temples, made by him, were turned out to be more and more beautiful and created a benchmark in architectural studies.

In the Bayavi, Shatrudeba, called all his ministers and described them about how and what kind of technological powers, Masaka had. How they were utilising these things in the business and sea business. How there was not an internal war among the tribes from last twenty years etc etc. So, after consulatitions with all his ministers, he decided to attack the Masaka. But he did a mistake. He himself was not aware of Jatamanu and so not his ministers were.

Shatrudeba or Deba, declared war on the small state of Masaka. Masaka was not prepared, for this war. Immediately, Jatamanu was called in the royal palace, in Gajapuri. Jatamanu assured his sister that they will not going to loose this war.

In the closed room, Jatamanu organized a Tantra Puja. Before that puja, he ordered his 100 Mausakas, to bring most powerful 100 elephants with them and start building a chariot. He also gave them a design on whose basis, the chariot must be constructed and within a limited time of 100 hours. Hurriedly, all tribal leaders started preparation. Masumati, in the mean time, send her second grade army to fight with the mighty Bayavian army. She ordered this army just to restrict them for 100 hours as instruted to her by Jatamanu.

After 100 hours, the special chariot was ready, and Jatamanu also emerged from his closed chamber after performing his special Tantra Puja. He himself worshiped that chariot and ordered his 100 Mausakas to bring those most powerful 100 elephants. Then after receiving those elephants, he tied them with the chariot , in such a manner that it looked like a replica of a temple. He ordered his Mausakas to sit on the elephants, with their assigned weapons. After this, he himself sat on the chariot in the seat of main charioteer. Masumati was seated in the seat of a warrior. It was a memorable scene. It looked like that Masumati was a kind of Goddess in that temple and chariot was pulled by elephants from all direction. Jatamanu was the main charioteer. He started reciting some slokas and ordered all the elephants to move ahead. Surprisingly all elephants moved in a synchronized way. Bayavian army was surprised to see such an elegant structure and an army of 100 elephants with 100 Mausakas.

They marched ahead. A war was going on. The foot soldiers of Bayavian army were not able to reach the Mausakas. Elephants crushed them. There was a sense of negativity in Bayavian camp. Deba was not able to understand this concept of elephants and the construction of chariot. He was worried. He never lost a war. He ruled on the entire landmass and if he lost this war against such a tiny state, it will give him a huge blow. He immediately sent a messenger to Bayavi and ordered for more soldiers. After sunset, he organized a meeting, with his commander-in-chief.

Masumati, on the other side remained inside the chariot. Jatamanu, told his 100 Mausakas, not to leave their respective elephants. In that chariot, there was a kitchen and store. In the kitchen, lots of food materials were available for all of them, including the elephants, for fifteen days. In the store an equal amount of weapons were available with all secondary equipments to do the necessary maintenance, of the weapons as well as of chariot.

In the next day, war again started with the sun rise. Jatamanu worshiped Sun with all his Mausakas. Masumati remained seated in the chariot just like a Goddess. Same things again happened. The soldiers and other warriors including those on Elephants and Horses were not able to touch the chariot. The madness in the elephants were clearly visible. They wanted to crush everything, whether a horse, an elephant or even a human. Rest work was done by the respected Mausakas. In the next 100 hours, they all were able to reduce the strength of Bayavian army to half.

After another 100 hours, when the Bayavian army was reduced to half, there were sign of worridness in the face of Shatrudeba or Deba. He sensed that he lost. He called his commander-in-chief once again and told him to do whatever he could, just to save his name and to win the war. He ordered him not to obey the rules of war and stated that eveything is possible in war. So, kill the elephants and the person sitting on them. Just kill them. He screamed in the middle of war.

Jatamanu saw this and he calculated their move. He ordered his Mausakas not to spare a single men. The Bayavian army tried to target the elephants now instead of soldiers, who were Mausakas. Jatamanu himself, left the seat of main charioteer and perform the last ritual of Tantra Puja. He whispered something in the ears of his elephants and they hurriedly started marching towards Deba. And within the next 16 hours Deba was crushed with all his arrogance.

So, this battle lasts for 216 hours. After the battle, Jatamanu declared Masumati as a winner and all the 100 Mausakas started celebration on that massive chariot. Elephants started to make happy sounds. They were near about 3 kms from their palace. They were now relaxed and after the instructions from Jatamanu all were stepped down from their respective elephants. They feast together, drink and dance. On the very next day, Jatamanu ordered to dismantle the chariot. The Mausakas requested to keep a piece of the chariot with them. When asked why, they replied “Masumati is now our Goddess, our mother Goddess and we will worship her. We will take a piece of log from this chariot and build 100 temples to worship her.” Masumati was surprised with this act but Jatamanu nodded. Masumati also ordered Jatamanu to make a Garden temple at the site where Deba was crushed.

Within a year, the Garden Temple was ready and all Mausakas alongwith Jatamanu and Masumati went there. They spent the exactly 216 hours there and returned back. In this period, they all drank, dance, enjoyed and made fun of each other but this did not last long as there is something else written in their destiny…

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

Disclaimer: All the names, incidents and places in this story are fictitious. Resemblance to any person living or dead or any incident or place is purely coincidental.

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