Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Anti-clockwise Swastika & Konark Chakra Sundial

Hi Friends,
I just thought of putting these details in a blog based on my observations.

Please have a look on the letters in Brahmi script. One is for "O" and another for Anusaara/Anusvara.

When one O, another O (tilted 90 degree to left) and four anusaaras are combined, it forms the Swastika mark used in Buddhism.

So, if you think from this view, the Buddhist swastika becomes "O O M M M M".

In Odisha, there is the Sun temple at Konark. Two chaka/chakras/wheels (out of 24 wheels) represent the Sundial.
And the time is calculated anti-clockwise.

There is a match between the Buddhist swastika and the Konark chakra. Both have the same formula "anti-clockwise".


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