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RaaRaa-16 - The V-Dynasty

1000s of years back...

In the kingdom of Masaka...

When the King died, his son Viga was 10 years old. In this tender age, he had to take charge as the King. As a kid, he was interested to play like his friends but time did not allow him.
He studied and learned the war skills as well. During this time, the minister and the soldiers really helped to safeguard the empire.

5 years passed...

At the age of 15, Viga mastered the fighting/war skills.

The neighbouring kingdom Bayavi was always an enemy state of Masaka  kingdom. But this time, the enemies were from a far distant land Kadavi. Kadavi King Kadavesh raged a war against Bayavi, won the battle and took Bayavi under its control. Their next target was Masaka kingdom. They sent the messenger to Masaka kingdom/King Viga to surrender under Kadavi kingdom. But King Viga never agreed to it. Kadavesh waited for the right time to attack Masaka.

It was rainy season. Kadavesh thought that rainy season would be the right time to attack because that was the time to concentrate on cultivation and king Viga would be busy in that. And during rainy season, most of the people reside in their homes and the area would be with less number of people outside their homes. And he suddenly declared the war.

15 year old King Viga was not prepared for war but he thought, that was the right time to use all the things that he learned and save his Kingdom.
He immediately called the Bharasa warriors' leader from coastal Masaka and the Ganasa warriors' leader from hilly area of Masaka. He told them that he used to skate along with his friends on wet ground after the rains during his childhood and he knew that some people in hilly areas also skate on the mountain slope where the springs flows. So, he wanted those soldiers who have the skating skills and who can endure heavy rains and still fight.
The two leaders went to their respective places and chose the soldiers. King Viga guided the soldiers on next course of actions.

Now it was the war zone...

It was raining heavily. Kadavesh declared the war. The soldiers of Kadavesh started running from the other side towards the army of Viga. They thought that they would easily defeat the Viga army. While running some of them slipped and fell down.
Now was the turn of Viga's soldiers. They skate on the wet ground with the help of the spears at a much higher pace and did not fall down. Kadavesh was astonished looking at this. There was huge fight among the soldiers of both sides. Viga's soldiers tried their best to skate instead of running while fighting which was advantageous to them. But Kadavesh's soldiers did not have any idea about this and while running and fighting,many used to fall down.

Finally the fight between Viga and Kadavesh started. 15 year old Viga used all the war  techniques and his own technique of skating and finally Kadavesh got defeated.
That was the first and biggest win for King Viga.
After that, Viga own most of the wars that he fought during his life.

                             ***  *** ***
Viga got married and had a son named Vija. During the rule of Vija, there was no such big wars fought. And Vija was more interested in art and culture. He funded and developed many of the local art forms in the kingdom of Masaka.

He even taught the soldiers how to beat drums...

                             ***  *** ***
Vija had a son named Viha. One day Vija thought to give all his duties as a king to his son and take rest. But the problem was that Viha was 15 years old that time. Grandfather Viga came to Vija and  told him that he need to continue as a king for few more years as Viha was  only 15 years old. Vija replied to his father Viga "When you became the king at the age of 15 and won the wars, why not my son Viha?" Viga did not have any answer for this. Finally Viha became the king.

Just the next year, the then king of Kadavi kingdom raged a war against Masaka kingdom.

The brand new king Viha had to play the role. He immediately sent his messenger to Kadavi king stating that they would surrender on the next full moon day which was 15 days ahead. The king of Kadavi became happy after hearing this.

But Viha's grandfather Viga was very very sad with this.

As there were heavy rains in Masaka and flooding in the city, Viha ordered that there need to be underground tunnel and footpaths made over it so that the rain water will be easily drained.
As per his order, the work completed within one week.
But the footpath was made of wood instead of stone or bricks.

15 days passed and the time came when Masaka kingdom was going to surrender to Kadavi kingdom.
The foot path or road which was made over the tunnel as decorated nicely and the welcome for the Kadavi king and soldiers was arranged there.

Instead of professional drummers, the soldiers were beating the big sized drums standing at the two sides of the road . You might remember that Viha's father Vija "taught the soldiers how to beat drums".
The platoon from Kadavi arrived there and were marching towards king Viha.
King Viha was sloganeering "Jai Kadavi" and his soldiers were reciting it after him.

The drum beating was going on somewhat like this.
But those were the big sized drums placed on the ground which were played with two big sized mace-shaped drumsticks.

When most of the Kadavi platoon were walking on the wooden footpath, the king Viha shouts "Masakah...". And the soldiers hit the drumstick on the edges of wooden footpath. Viha again shouts "Masakah..." and the soldiers hit it again and again and again. The wooden footpath gave in and most of the Kadavi troop fell down in the tunnel which was filled with water and crocodiles!!!
Whoever survived got killed by the Masaka soldiers!!!

But how come the mace-shaped drumsticks broke the strong wooden footpath?
Those were not drumsticks. Metallic maces were painted in such a way that it would look like the mace-shaped drumsticks and were placed near the drums. When the king Viha shouted "Masakah...",the soldiers took the actual metallic maces and hit on the wooden bridge/footpath which was not understood by the Kadavi troops.

After this war, old king Viga (Viha's grandfather) twists his mustache and thinks "Masaka is safe and will never fall as long as the V(Viga-Vija-Viha)-Dynasty is capable enough to defend its own motherland.".

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi


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