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RaaRaa-14 - Mrugaakhi

Thousands of years back...

Masaka kingdom had three neighbouring kingdoms named as Basaka, Kasaka and Avaka.

Basaka was ruled by the King Basakama. He had a sister named "Mrugaa". 

Masaka kingdom was rich with hills, sea, rivers and all sorts of natural beauty. One day Mrugaa planned to spend sometime in the land of Masaka. She told this to Basakama and Basakama arranged the travel with her friends. She had a nice time with her friends in Masaka.

During the stay in Masaka, she met Hrudayu. Hrudayu was poor and was an orphan too. Mrugaa being from a rich and king's family, conveyed about her love to Hrudayu. Hrudayu was also in love with Mrugaa but he was in a dilemma as Mrugaa was very rich. But while returning back to Basaka, Mrugaa promised to marry Hrudayu.

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A parallel story was running in the Kingdom of Kasaka. And the story is about a girl named "Aakhi".

She was married a man named Kathan and lead a happy life with her husband and a son. They were farmers. She and her husband used to cultivate vegetables and fruits. When the veg and fruits were ready, her husband used to go to the nearby city to sell.

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Coming back to the story of Mrugaa...

She reached her home country Basaka and told her brother Basakama about her love towards Hrudayu. Basakama also agreed to his sister and sent his messenger and soldiers to invite and bring Hrudayu from Masaka to Basaka. 
Mrugaa and Hrudayu's marriage happened with grand fervour in the presence of Basakama.
After marriage, Hrudayu worked under Basakama and started staying in the kingdom of Basaka.

Time passed...

One day... While returning to home in the midnight, Hrudayu heard some people talking. He silently went there and what he saw was a big surprise for him. Basakama's younger brother Basakana was planning to smuggle arms to the kingdom Bayavi. 
Basakana realised that someone hearing to them. Hrudayu started running from the spot but soldiers of Basakana chased and fire arrows. Hrudayu was hurt and shouting. Hearing the loud voice of Hrudayu, King Basakama reached there and hold Hrudayu in his hands. Suddenly Mrugaa also reached there and found her husband Hrudayu in his last stage and her brother Basakama. 
Hrudayu died. Basakama could not convince Mrugaa that he did not kill Hrudayu but it was someone else. 

With the anger on her brother, Mrugaa left Basaka kingdom and came to Masaka kingdom and started living in the village which was her husband Hrudayu's native place.

                                          *** **** *****
Coming back to the parallel story of Aakhi and Kasaka kingdom...

One day, Aakhi's husband Kathan packed all the vegetables and fruits and started his journey to the nearby city where he used to sell those. Normally it used to take one week for him to sell all the vegetables and return back home. But that time, he did not return home for more than two weeks.

Aakhi was very much worried about Kathan. Finally she thought to go to the city and find her husband. She went to the city with her son and started searching for her husband. But she could not find him for many days. 

One day, she came to know that her husband was killed by the soldiers on a false case on the order of King! 
She was very much depressed after hearing this. But she believed in her husband and had the feeling that her husband could not make such mistake to get death punishment. She approached the court, found her husband to be innocent but as it was king's order, she could not do anything.

She returned back to her village with the broken heart.
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Coming back to the story of Mrugaa who was staying in Hrudayu's village in Masaka kingdom after the death of Hrudayu...

In the previous stories, we know about king Avakara of Avaka kingdom who was staying in Masaka kingdom for some years.

Not sure how, but she somehow convinced Avakara to fight against her brother Basakama.

And as we know in the previous stories, Avakara won and Basakama died. 

                                           *** **** *****
Coming back to the story of Aakhi who was staying in her village with her son after her husband's death...

She planned to take revenge on the King who ordered death punishment for her husband on a false case. She found the loopholes in the kingdom, gathered some people on her side and trained them against the tyranny of king. After few years, she was able to make a small army. 

One day, she went with her people to the city to sell vegetables as her husband used to do. But it was the plan to attack the city and the king.
In the night, getting the chance, she and her people tried to attack the king's palace. She did a major destruction to palace and kill many of the soldiers and even the army chief.
But she was not able to stand for long in front of the mighty security personnels and she lost her last breath while fighting.

                                            *** **** *****
Final part...

After hundreds of years, these history was written in both Masaka and Kasaka kingdom. Whereas the Basaka history books did not mention anything about it.
And one surprise is that the stories of Masaka and Basaka mentioned a single name, i.e. "Mrugaakhi" which was a combination of "Mrugaa" and "Aakhi" which literally means "the eyes which look like that of Mruga/Deer"!!!

Again after hundreds of years, while reading those stories, people think
1) Was there two girls with the same name Mrugaakhi in Basaka and Kasaka and similar revenge stories happened with both?
2) Were there two names Mrugaa and Aakhi and later combined to one name?
3) How come there is no mention of Mrugaakhi in the stories of Basaka?

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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