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RaaRaa-15 - The Last Tamasa

Queen Haatinami died after couple of years while giving birth to a sweet baby girl. Brushaka named her as Tarunima. At the age of 16, she learnt all warfare technologies, including the bull riding and elephant riding, from her father. She also learnt tantric aspects from him. Also she was a very good dancer and singer. And she was one of the most beautiful princesses of the entire landmass.
 When she turns 20, Brushaka called her and told her to take control of the state, Masaka. She was little worried and asked her about such decision. He replied that nothing to be worried as he wanted to spend his rest of life in the city of Maput, in the temple of Lord Raaga. He also assured her that he will be available in all extreme situations, whenever and wherever required. Tarunima agreed. And in the very next day, in the assembly of capital city of Masakanagari, Brushaka declared his decision. All ministers were surprised. On the same day, Brushaka went to Maput and started living as an ordinary citizen. He devoted his all time worshipping Lord Raaga.

Tarunima took control of the state. Within the short period of time, she proved herself to be very good administrator. Six months passed. One day her chief minister, Bishupakhya, came to her and told about the past history of the state. She was very much surprised to know about the heroic activities of Pakitra, Jatamanu and NisiaDei. She was impressed with NisiaDei. She also started visiting to the garden temple and to the temple of NisiaDei. She wanted to learn the special tantric rituals which were done by Jatamanu and NisiaDei but not able to learn those as no guidance were available at that time. She felt disheartened. She discussed these with Bishupakhya and came to know that now, in Masaka, no one is there who can taught her those things except her own father.

She went to Maput. Offered her devotion in the temple of Lord Raaga. And then to her father and told him about those techniques. Within two days, she learnt all those and returned back to Masakanagari.

When she turned 24, Bishupakhya told her to get married. She hesitated but later agreed and insisted to choose that person herself. Bishupakhya declared this and a date was chosen. All the kings were intimated about this. Day arrived.  In the assembly hall of the palace, all the Kings and Princes of neighboring states were present. Also some common citizens were there who wanted to marry the noble princess. King Sudrava of Bayawi, king Induvrat of Uaawi were the prominent ones. Total 24 kings were present along with 5 common citizens.
Tarunima rejected all the kings and surprisingly king Sudrava and Induvrat were also rejected by her. In last, she also rejected the common citizens except one, Tamasa. She married with Tamasa and this made Bishupakhya worried as he wanted King Sudrava as her husband. But there was something else written in the destiny. Interestingly, Sudrava remained silent and Induvrat got furious. He felt insulted. But at that moment, he controlled his emotions and decided that one day he would get her along with Masaka.

After few days of her marriage, Brushaka passed away. Tarunima broke down but Tamasa handled that situation. After few days, she came to know that Tamasa is not a common man. He was an expert of astronomy, architecture, mathematics, lingiustics, philosophy and tantra also. He belonged to the Migapo tribe. All these things made Tarunima proud of her husband. Bishupakhya was also surprised when he came to know about these aspects of Tamasa.

Time passes. Tarunima ordered to build several temples that belonged to lord Raaga in Masakanagari and one fine day she told Tamasa to make a temple of mother goddess. Tamasa was surprised. He started his work at the very next moment. And within couple of years, the temple was there. Tarunima started practicing tantra in that temple and Tamasa also helped her in those tantric rituals. Everything was running smoothly. There was not a single incident of crime in the entire Masaka. Tamasa was helping Tarunima and Bishupakhya in all aspects of administration. He was a key player now.

One day, Bishupakhya arrived in the palace and told Tarunima that Induvrat are going to join hands with Sudrava and they both were making plan to attack Masaka. Tarunima got worried as she knew in the past there were several fights between Masaka and Bayawi, in which Masaka emerged as a winner. But this time, enemy is very much stronger. She ordered an emergency meeting of council of ministers along with the leaders of different tribes. She conveyed the findings of Bishupakhya in the meeting. All the tribal leaders assured full help to her. But Bishupakhya was not able to gain the strength and confidence. Tarunima declared an emergency situation in the entire state and started worshipping Lord Raaga along with the Mother Goddess. Within 15 days the combined army of Bayawi and Uaawi were standing at the borders of Masaka. Masakans were also ready for this fight.

The opposition was very strong. They had horses, foot soldiers and various latest weapons with them. And the Masakans were having traditional weapons along with the elephants, bulls.
And the war started. On the very first day, Masakans were able to manage the war. In the evening a special meeting was organized in the camps of Masakans. Tamasa lead the meeting. He told everyone that we have to save our land from these foreigners. All nodded.
The next day was very much crucial. Birupakhya made a plan and they fought the war according to his plan. But suddenly the numbers of troops of the combined army increased and plan failed. Tamasa was shocked. Also Birupakhya was killed; it was not a good sign. Somehow Tamasa managed the day. But signs of worry were clear on his face.
The third day started. Tamasa lead the front. An extensive plan was made to cover all the opposition's army in a circular format. Plan was fully not success but partially the day was very good for Masakans. They gave a huge blow to combined army as the king of Bayawi, Sudrava, got killed. Immediately Induvrat declared himself the combined ruler of Bayawi and Uaawi. Now Uaawi, turns to be most powerful state of the entire landmass and Induvrat, the most powerful king. Bayawi is now a part of Uaawi.
Fourth day arrived. Induvrat is more powerful now. Tamasa lead the front. Suddenly there was a change in tactics used by Masakans. Tarunima is leading the front with an army of bulls. When Induvrat looked at Tamasa, he was shocked. Tamasa was flying in the sky with all his weapons. He was killing the soldiers from the sky and here, in the ground, Tarunima was leading the front. Induvrat got mad. Tamasa was now more and more furious. He started doing some tantra practices in the sky and rain started. At the another moment, suddenly rain stopped and there is a sudden rise in temperature. Induvrat got mad after watching all these things but somehow, managed the day. He called all his main warriors in the camp. He asked his chief minister that how could a common man fly in the sky and with his weapons. His minister told him that he was mistaken. Tamasa must not be a common man. Induvrat made a concrete plan for next day, so that he can bring more weapons and soldiers. 
In the Masakans' camp, Tarunima was also having a secret meeting with Tamasa. She asked him that how could he managed to do such acts. Tamasa replied that actually his name was not Tamasa and he was also not an ordinary man. He was the last student from the school of Tantrism that was established by the great Jatamanu, he was the tantrik. His real name was something else and he used to write, Tamasa. On being asked about his real name, he replied that  his name is not important at this stage and had to win the war at any cost now.
Fifth day arrived. No major loss for Uaawi army and no major gains for Masakans. With strategy, Induvrat managed that day. In the night, he was happy to see more soldiers and weapons. And a special person known as Kutapati. He was now sure of winning the war.
The sixth day. This was the day which changed the life of Masakans. When Tamasa and Tarunima, both were leading the front simultaneously, suddenly Kutapati arrived in front of Tamasa. And in the next moment, Tamasa was killed. Tarunima and Masakans were shocked. Again, Kutapati now came to have a war with Tarunima and she also met with the similar fate as of Tamasa. Masakans were defeated and now they were a feudal state of Uaawi. All were surprised that what happened to Tamasa and Tarunima. 
Later on, there was a rumour, that Kutapati used weapons of hypnotism on them. But that was just a rumour, as nobody knows the actual reason. In the Uaawi state, some few days after the war, dead body of Kutapati was found. Real causes of death remained unknown. Induvrat handed Uaawi state along with Baayawi state, to his younger brother, Biyuvrat. He came to Masaka and started torturing Masakans. He abolished all the tantrik practices in all the temples. He started wprshipping Lord Raaga in his own way and method. He introduced lots of new rituals in the temple of Lord Raaga. And most importantly, he established a mother Goddess in the temple and started worshipping her along with Lord Raaga. He also told tribals and their leaders to join the mainstream society. Suddenly there was a change in socio-religious movement of Masaka. And the true Masakans, were still waiting for the last Tantrik of Masaka, the Tamasa....

Ashish Sarangi 
Ashish Kumar Nayak

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