Tuesday, 2 October 2018

A'AABOMA-1 - The S

There are many types living beings on the earth. Plants are there, animals are there and the most talented creature is the Human.

Animals rely on eat and live. But human is altogether different. Its mind works in multiple areas.
As it is said, the mind of each person is an unique lock and there are huge number of keys to open that lock.

Few minds work for their family, society, job, social service etc. But there are few minds which always try to find the problems in other's life. If problem is not there, that critical mind tries to create the problem and get the sadistic pleasure.

Many years back, there was a family. The parents and their two sons had a very happy life. The couple had a very good bonding between them and with the kids as well. Around 10 years passed.
The father got a job transfer to another city. The whole family shifted there.
He had a friend in office whose family used to stay nearby. On his son's birthday, he invited his friend's family to his house. Both family enjoyed the birthday. And the time passed...

One day just outside the apartment, his wife and his male friend were talking. And there the sadist minds started ticking in some of the houses in the apartment. The sadists started creating rumor that they have extra-marital relation. This news slowly traveled through the mouth-to-ear-to-mouth communication to the man. And he started having doubt on his wife which lead to arguments between them. The bond slowly started getting broken. And the inhuman who created this were enjoying plot.

One day, when the kids were playing outside and his wife went out to nearby mall, the man committed suicide. The wife and two kids were left alone in this world. Then the process of criticism started pouring in on the wife. It created her life miserable. She went into a state of depression and died in few years.Then the two kids were brought up by their maternal uncle.

                    *** *** ***
Time passed and the two sons became young and started doing job.
The uncle arranged the marriage of the elder son. They told everything about the boy's parents to the girl and her parents. The girl's side also understood the situation that the rumors created the misunderstanding and so the misfortune.
The marriage happened and the elder boy and the girl had a happy life.

But sadists are also there to create as they also part of this society as long as human is there. They are now somewhat organized. Some of them project themselves as reformers of the society.

One day, the newly married couple thought of having a visit to the nearby sea beach. The girl was wearing saree and she didnt want to go inside water. But her husband wanted to enjoy the sea waves and went inside water. He gave his shoes to his wife to hold.

When the girl was holding her husband's shoes, then sadistic mind of some people standing nearby started working. Few took some photos of her. The husband saw this and started confronting with them. But those pseudo-reformers blamed him that how dare he told his wife to hold his shoes and that male dominance blah blah...
The wife understood the situation and told her husband to stop. Then she started arguing with the fellows who took the photo in their mobile. But those fellows were constantly blaming the husband and when this argument was going on, those fellows posted in social media stating "See the male dominance. How a girl holding the shoes of her husband!". The girl got angry with this, snatched the mobile phone from them and crushed it. Finally police had to intervene. They understood the whole matter and told the pseudo-reformers to delete the social media post!

But as we know whatever posted in social media may remain forever and ever.
Some rationally thinking fellows understood the scenario but again, the sadists are also there in virtual world as well and they started doing their job.

                    *** *** ***
The title of the blog is "The S". Here S may mean Social or Sadist. To live in this Society, some chose to be Social, and some as Sadist!

Ashish  Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi


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