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RaaRaa-23 - GiriGada

Some one thousand years ago....

In the state of Masaka...

The capital city Masakanagari....

King Raagaputa was having his grand assembly in his palace. The main issue was again the kingdom of Bayawi. The secret services minister got a report few days back, from his agent that Bayawi was planning to have a war again, with Masaka. This time, they were doing a lot of planning and preparations as they target one year of time. Lot of brain storming was done by the chief minister, Manidaitya. And today, he was going to present the report to the King Raagaputa in front of whole eminent personalities of the state including the tribal leaders. 

King Raagaputa arrived. He was tall and dark with a thick mustache along with beard. His physical qualities made him furious and yes he was. His father, King Rumenanku, was an ardent follower of Lord Raaga and so he gave the name Raagaputa means son of lord Raaga. 

Assembly started. Manidaitya gave his presentation about the possible attack that Bayawi was planning, which lasts for near about two hours. After that there was a huge silence in the assembly hall. All eyes were looking at King. King understood the situation and said that nothing was to be worried about and requested all to go to their respective places. Manidaitya was surprised. Assembly  was dispersed by the King.


King Kutapati was making the strategies for the upcoming war with his ministers. He was desperate to win Masaka, his long time desire. He send his secret agents to Masaka to know their strategies five months back and now on the basis of their reports he was making all strategies. He told all his ministers to do whatever they want to but at any cost they have to win the war. He told them to have trained elephants, bulls and lions too for that war along with the foot soldiers.


King Raagaputa called Manidaitya. Raagaputa told him to bring some papers also. Raagaputa drew the following on that paper and told Manidaitya, "Since we are having lots of hills, you must try to make several Girigadas. We are having a time frame of one year but better stick to six months. And tell all the architects that we want all this infrastructural developments within stipulated time." Manidaitya was understand this move of the King. He nodded and told accordingly to the chief architect of the state. Chief architect called his team and told them to develop all these as soon as possible.


Raagaputa also called his wife, Kasavati, along with the defense minister and told her to prepare a specialized army of female warriors who will ride the lions. The defense minister was hesitated first on listening this but after watching the enthusiasm of  Kasavati, he agreed. Kasavati selected 25000 ladies and divided themselves into the factor of eight. So, Kasavati will be the supreme commander having eight commanders and those eight commanders will have eight deputy commanders under each of them. The deputy commanders will have eight sub commanders and so on. Kasavati selected eight hills where Girigada was located. All the hills were having 100 kms distance and located in eight different directions. They also had five different rivers between them. Intrestingly all the Girigadas were seems to be replica of each other.
War broke out....

King Kutapati was standing with his army. He was not aware of the latest developments that took place in the state of Masaka. He attacked one Girigada. A fierce battle took place which ultimately result in victory for Kutapati. He marched ahead. Again, he faced another Girigada. After a long battle, he ultimately won that also. Then third, fourth, fifth and sixth. Kutapati and his army were exhausted now. He faced strong resistabce from the Masakans in the seventh Girigada. That battle took place for four days. in that four days almost more then half of his army were destroyed. He send a messenger to Bayawi for more army and weapons. The eighth Girigada was the mighty one, not in size but in terms of military power. He faced an unexpected army in that. Within two days, he lost all his chief commanders and faced a major loss. In the evening he sat alone on the bank of a river in a depression mood. He was tired. Suddenly he saw a nobleman and went upto him. He asked him about his future. He asked him that about how many Girigadas were still there. He told him that it was an unexpected war. He never expected the Masakans to be so strong in the guerrilla war. That nobleman told him that he will never win this holy land of Masaka and better to accept the path of Lord Raaga and surrender. Kutapati calculated in his mind. It took him one year to prepare for this war. But within twelve days, his army was destroyed and it will take another three days to have another set of army with weapons. So he surrendered within next day and accepted the path of Lord Raaga.


The Masakans were in joy. The mighty army of Kutapati was destroyed. The strategy of Raagaputa won. Kasavati asked Raagaputa about the strategy of Girigada. He smiled and replied that it was all made to save the great temple of Lord Raaga in the port city of Maput....
Jaya Raaga

NB: The concept of Girigada was still prevalent in the state of Masaka and after some thousand years researchers found some Girigadas having same names. 
Disclaimer: This is a fictional story. No relation with history.

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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