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RaaRaa-9 - Langback

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When you read the subject of the blog as "Langback" you may feel that there is some spelling mistake. Should it be "Long back"? If you want to know why the name is like this, please read the complete blog.

Some thousands of years back...

Somewhere in the coastal plains...

The kingdom of "Masaka"...

There was a king named "Sthiraka". The king ruled his kingdom very well. He made the proper irrigation system so that the farmers would get benefited, proper schools so that the people would get educated, proper hospitals, proper roads etc.

But the highlight was the strongest army and well developed literature. Sthiraka was a fierce fighter and he invented some self-defense techniques as well. He used to arrange some training for the soldiers in frequent intervals so that the soldiers get updated. He always made it a point that he and his soldiers would never attack any other country but if any country attacks them, they all the enemy need to be killed. 

The neighboring country was "Bayavi". The king "Kataresh" ruled over there. He was very much jealous about the Masaka kingdom. Once he attacked Masaka so that the prosperous Masaka would be under his rule. A massive war happened between Kataresh and Sthiraka and Kataresh lost the war. After that loss, Bayavi kingdom never attacked Masaka. 

Years passed...

Masaka's king Sthiraka became old. He had a son named "Samaka" but Samaka was not interested to learn war skills or to be a king. He instead became a doctor and starts serving the countrymen.

Kataresh had a son named "Kruresh". Kruresh learned very good war skills and starts attacking and winning multiple territories. One day he planned for attacking Masaka. He sent his messenger to Masaka with a letter which reads "King Sthiraka, Surrender to us or otherwise face the war." Sthrika did not want war. He sent a messenger to Kruresh's father Kataresh and tells to maintain peace. But Kataresh could not convince his son.
Kruresh somehow wanted to ignite the conflict. He sent some soldiers to Masaka, kidnapped Sthiraka's son Samaka and killed him. Sthiraka got completely disheartened with the death of his son...

At this time, Kruresh suddenly attacked Masaka kingdom and many civilians got killed. The people of Masaka ran to the king Sthiraka and begged him to save the country. Sthiraka was very old by by that time but still he stood again for the people. He went to the war zone.
The young king Kruresh from Bayavi kingdom was very happy to see the old king Sthiraka and thought "what this old fellow will do?" The war started. Kruresh got surprised to see the war skills of the old man Sthiraka. Sthiraka mercilessly killed the enemy side. Soldiers died from both sides and Bayavi king Kruresh got defeated and surrendered. Both kingdom signed a treaty not to have war again.


Then started the soft propaganda...

The language spoken in Masaka was "Masaki" and the language spoken in Bayavi was "Bayavi".
Masaki language was well developed with huge literature whereas Bayavi language was not that developed.
Bayavi's king Kruresh sent some intellectuals/literati to Masaka and told them to get in touch with the intellectuals/literati of Masaka and learn Masaki language. They stayed in Masaka for few years, learned Masaki language, interacted well with the intellectuals/literati
of Masaka kingdom, and gathered enough knowledge.

Years passed...

One day, the intellectuals/literati of Bayavi proposed to the intellectuals/literati of Masaka "Our languages Masaki and Bayavi have some similarity. Can we create a new language by taking words from these two languages?". The intellectuals of Masaka wanted to have some time to think. They arranged a meeting of intellectuals of Masaka and discuss whether to create a common language. Majority got agreed to this. But one intellectual named "Jamaka" raised his voice against it. He clearly told that there was something fishy behind this and intellectuals of Bayavi had some serious intentions behind this. But no one listened to him and it was decided to accept the proposal of the intellectuals of Bayavi.

Intellectuals of both the languages Masaki and Bayavi started their work of creating a new language by taking words and grammar from both the languages. Finally a new language was born known as "Masayavi (Masaki+Bayavi)". Books were printed in this language and this language became the link language between the two countries Masaka and Bayavi.

There was a critical point here. Most of the book sellers were from the country Bayavi.
They used to sell the books written in Masayavi language in multiple countries but they always told to the customers that the books are written in Bayavi language. The intellectuals of Masaka were not aware of this and when they came to know, it was too late.

The propaganda was spread that all the books were written in Bayavi language, not the Masayavi language. Slowly another propaganda was initiated that the Masayavi language was derived from the Bayavi language and the Masaki language was derived from Masayavi, like "Bayavi->Masayavi->Masaki" but the actual scenario was "Masaki+Bayavi=Masayavi".
This propaganda continued spreading to the nearby countries and finally to Masaka kingdom. As many said a goat as a dog, so the people also started believing the "Bayavi->Masayavi->Masaki" theory. Whatever, the people of Masaka still spoke and wrote in their mother language "Masaki" though they started believing that their language was derived from another language. But this thought process slowly converted "a king's mindset to a slave's mindset" and Bayavi kingdom/language had a victory over the Masaka kingdom, Masaki language and so the people of Masaka in this psychological warfare.

Now you can understand the meaning of "Langback". It means "Language+Flashback".

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

Note: The previous blog in the RaaRaa series was "RaaRaa-8 - Gajasi". You can read it here.
The current blog is not a sequel.


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