Sunday, 24 April 2016

Preparation process of Dalama

Lets learn how to prepare Dalama/Dalma/Dalema (डालमा/डालेमा). 
1) Take some vegetables like Potato, Pumpkin, Brinjal, Raw Papaya, Raw Banana, Saaru.

2) Cut the vegetables and wash the Harada/Toovar dal.

   3) Put the vegetables, dal, turmeric powder, salt and water 
       in pressure cooker. 
      (If the turmeric is of the pure quality from Kandhamal district
       of Odisha, then it adds to the taste.)

  4) Boil it till the cooker sounds 3 to 4 whistles.

 5) Fry some jeera, sorisha (mustard), methi, piaaja (onion), 
     rasuNa (garlic), adaa (ginger), sukhila  lanka (red chilly) 
     in either ghee or oil.

   6) Put some already boiled vegetables+dal in the pan and mix it

  7) Mix that masala in the whole content of boiled vegetables+dal

   Dalama/Dalma/Dalema is ready.

Note: If someone doesn’t take onion and garlic, then they can avoid it. They can just use jeera, mustard, red chilly etc for the fry. The dalama can be taken with bhata(rice)/ruti(roti)/puri/upama. 


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