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RaaRaa-32 – Kukurmari

[Before reading this part in RaaRaa series, please have a look at the previous one 

Some thousands of years back...

In the Kingdom of Masaka...

King Bijaa was the ruler...

As mentioned in the last blog, King Bijaa had war with enemy King Kutrak two times and Kutrak was defeated in the 2nd war.

There was a rule: If there were any soldier from the rival side was dead on the other side of the war zone then  both the opponents should return back the bodies of the dead soldiers with proper respect to the respective Kings.

After the 1st war, King Bijaa was disheartened to see that King Kutrak sent his army to the civilian area and massacred the locals. But sill, he followed the rules. He ordered the chief of army to load the dead bodies of the enemy soldiers in ten chariots. The chief followed the order and arranged ten chariots. The bodies were loaded, ten charioteers ran the chariots and ten soldiers went with them to unload the bodies at the enemy side.

But King Kutrak was not like King Bijaa. After Bijaa's soldiers unloaded the dead bodies, Kutrak immediately arrested the ten charioteers and ten soldiers. He ordered his soldiers to kill all the twenty men. All were killed, their bodies and the bodies of the soldiers killed in the war, were made into small small pieces and sent back to Bijaa on the same chariots!

When Bijaa saw the chariots, he and his soldiers were very upset and angry as well.
Bijaa's son Bihaa was also watching all these happenings. 

As mentioned in the last part of RaaRaa series that some soldiers started giving training to the civilians on war skills, son Bihaa was one among the soldiers to impart the training.

In the 2nd war, Kutrak was defeated by King Bijaa. As per the rules, Bijaa had to return the bodies of the enemy soldiers to Kutrak who died on his side. Again the same process. Bijaa ordered the chief of the army to load the dead bodies of the enemy soldiers in ten chariots. The chief followed the order and arranged ten chariots. The bodies were loaded. 
But his son Bihaa interfered there. Bihaa suggested that the ten charioteers and the ten soldiers should not be going like the last time. Instead, the chariots should be unmanned and run by the trained horses and ten trained dogs would go to unload the dead bodies. Bijaa agreed to Bihaa.
Wthen the chariots reached Kutrak's side, Kutrak thought "Oh! Bijaa is too smart and did not send the charioteers and soldiers this time. But, I will teach him a lesson this time too"! He acted the same way as he did last time. He ordered his soldiers to kill the dogs and make them into small small pieces and to do the same with the dead soldiers of Bijaa and then pack/send them back in the same chariots!

When the chariots reached Bijaa's side, he and his army were surprised to see the dogs along with the soldiers were mutilated! There was something else as well. On each chariot, there was a poster mentioning as "Kill you all like dogs".

Bijaa never saw such cruel enemy in his life. 
Son Bihaa came to his father Bijaa and told "Father, Please dont lose your heart. I will lead the fight next time and I will completely change the climax".

[Flashback: King Kutrak was a ruler of a far away land. He invaded the neighboring Kingdom and ruled there.
Masaka had two sects of people. Due to some conflicts, they were not in good terms. Bihaa's 1st job was to make them united. He explained the people about the enemy and succeeded in making a bond among the two groups. People of one sect of Masaka also resided in the neighboring Kingdom.  In the meantime, Bihaa persuaded that group of Masaka to talk to their counterparts in the neighboring Kingdom and get them ready to fight for him in the war against Kutrak.]

Six months passed. Masaka Kingdom was under the leadership of King Bihaa this time. As planned, everything looked peaceful until the day Bihaa suddenly raised a war against King Kutrak and his army. Bihaa led his army to the neighboring Kingdom and fought furiously against King Kutrak. The people of the neighboring Kingdom also joined the war with Bihaa against Kutrak. Kutrak was miserably defeated and most of his soldiers were killed. Kutrak immediately declared surrender and prayed to Bihaa to leave him and the other soldiers.
Bihaa told "Do you remember what you wrote on the chariots? *Kill you all like dogs* Isn't it?!!!". 
Kutrak told that they would never repeat that mistake and prayed for life.
Bihaa told "Yes, You will never do that mistake only if you are not alive".

King Bihaa followed the rules of King Kutrak this time, i.e. He broke the protocols/rules of war and ordered to kill Kutrak and all the surrendered soldiers. Bihaa's army chief came to him and suggested not to do like that. But Bihaa was firm on his decision and told "If you love our nation Masaka, then follow my order". Then as per the order, surrendered King Kutrak and his soldiers faced the same fate as they did with the dead bodies of Masakan army men and also with the dogs!!! No enemy left to fight back!

Before returning back to Masaka, King Bihaa declared the name of the place in neighboring Kingdom to be renamed as "Kukurmari" and it happened so.
On the way back home, the chief of army asked King Bihaa "Maharaja, Was the name Kukurmari in the memory of the dogs killed by the enemy? Should not the name be "Kutrakmari" as Kutrak was killed there?".
King Bihaa did not reply anything and just gave a smile.
Thousands of years passed now. People still get confused with such name as Kukurmari because the blades of cyclone have shredded the leaves of history into pieces.

***This is a fictional story.***

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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