Thursday, 26 November 2015

"SaThi dusei" Puja after a kid's birth in Odisha

Maa "SaThi" is called the Godess of birth in Odisha.
In the house(near kitchen), people make 6 marks of clay on the wall and paste 6 Kaudi(Cowrie).

SaThi Puja is performed in Odisha after a kid is born.

On the 5th day of childbirth, PanchuAti(a food) is prepared from 5 items
"Mudhi(puffed rice) mixed with Guda(Jaggery), Biri(Black gram), Muga(Moong Dal), Buta(Chana Dal), Harada(Thoovar Dal) and fried".
The mother puts the PanchuAti in mouth and while crushing the food, she makes the new born kids to hear the sound(to confirm again that the kids does not have any hearing impairedness).
The other ladies show their "PaNata KAni(AnchaLa - The end portion of the saree which is put on the shoulder)", and someone put the the food item PanchuAti on the PaNata Kani.

On the 6th day of childbirth, the child is given a light massage in the room he/she was born.
6 types of food are prepared like - Bhata(rice), Dali(Dal), Macha(fish), Chakuli(A type of cake from rice), and any two types of curries veg/fish.
And this food is 1st offered to Godess "SaThi dusei".
In the evening, a feast is arranged and people do "BandaNa" of the newborn kid.


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