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Language Imposition!!!

       Friends, This blog speaks about the process of single language imposition and its impact on the native language of the states and so Odia(The native language of Odisha state).

8 states of India opposed the imposition of "single language(Hindi) policy" in just-post-independence era. If politicians try to declare Hindi as National language now, then the same old protest will rise again. We all pay tax for this country. If Centre wants to spend money for a single language from my tax money , then it is definitely wrong.

Adding few points on Govt run schools on language basis in Odisha about which no one know and the Central Govt is not bothered:
1) Odisha has 30 languages (Specifying... "Languages", Not dialects). One major Language "Odia" and 29 primer languages
2) The majority-spoken language "Odia" is spoken by 3 crore people in around 8 dialects. And 29 languages are spoken by 1 crore people.
3) Odisha Govt never tried to destroy those 29 languages. But developing a language needs funding. So... when we have enough funds, the govt is trying to save the tribal languages.
4) Out of 29 primer languages, 2to3 are already implemented and total 10 languages will be registered by this year.
5) What exactly is the concept of primer language and how it is implemented in schools where students are purely monolingual?:::---
The script used is Odia and the language is the tribal language. The books are printed in this fashion and schools run on this primer basis from class 1 to 3. And then the students are moved to mainstream Odia medium.
Then they learn Odia and English and and at 8th standard Hindi/Sanskrit is introduced.

Please refer the below articles on Multilingual primer languages in Odisha:

So, in this process more languages are encouraged to prosper by Odisha state Govt.
Should not the Centre help in this direction???!!!

But...If Hindi is registered as National language, there is a chance that Centre will force to implement it from 1st standard which impossible for the students to digest.
Already so much revenue is spent for Hindi language. If "National" word is attached, then the funding will be more and it will be from my tax money which I would not like.
I should pay for developing the languages inside my state Odisha.
But already I am paying somewhere for funding towards Hindi. Why shall I pay more? Why the Centre dont take extra tax for developing and propagating Hindi from the people whose Mother Tongue is Hindi.

We in Odisha learn Hindi from 8th standard in Govt school (case of CBSE schools being different) as we have followed from so many years. And we feel that the current process of language learning is good for us. We accept Hindi as a lingua-franca like English and we learn it in the right time. I can bet that I know better Hindi than anyone whose Mother Tongue is Hindi and the future generation will do so.
But if the Centre makes us feel that our kids have to learn Hindi from the beginning at the cost our native languages(Odia being the 6th classical language of India), then we have to reply back.

Now let me put some more points which will add to the knowledge of my fellow Indians.
In 1855, the presence of Odia language was there at the following places (outside the present day Odisha):  Ujjayini, Bhopal, Indore, Berar, Jabalpur, Nagpur, Durg, Bastar, Telangana, Uttara Sarkar, Raipur, Bilaspur, Sarguj, Reba, Palamu, Chotnagput Uttar, Chotnagpur Dakshin, Magadh, Kolhan, Purulia, Bankuda and Medinipur.
Pic Courtesy: Media Commons
These many places had their own mother tongues as Marathi, Telugu, Khadiboli, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Magadhi.
They knew somewhat Odia and the people in Odisha also knew somewhat of their languages. There was no issues at that time, right?

But gradually single language (Hindi) propagation accelerated by some linguistic/political goons.

1st destruction happened to Khadiboli, Bhojpuri, Maithili, Magadhi.
It was injected in the mind of the people of those states, "Hindi is BHAASA(Language-Complete language with script)" and their own mother tongues are just BOLI(Language just used for speaking)". Try to understand the difference between Bhaasa and Boli.
Ask this question to someone from UP, MP, Chhatishgarh, Bihar, Jharkhand:
1) "What is your mother tongue?" and U will get the Ans: "It is Hindi".
2)"What about Bhojpuri, Maithili etc" and U will get the Ans "It is just a Boli"
3) Did Bhojpuri and Maithili had own script? and U will get the Ans: "Yes"
4) Then why it was replaced by Hindi? and U will get the Ans: People, Linguistic and Political negligence

When the mother tongues of those places were screwed, then there was no chance Odia would have survived in foreign land.

But our(Odisha) linguistic team made Odia to survive and prosper in mainland Odisha and registered it as a classical language.

Appreciate the Telugu that they were able to save themselves.
Marathi also saved themselves in some way but now-a-days they are facing huge competition with Hindi.

Now we in Odisha are neither aware of the their languages not they are aware of my language because we have Hindi as lingua franca.
It happened because it is taught in schools, "Hindi is National Language". But the truth is that it is a lingua franca/common language/samparka bhasa.

When Hindi is imposed as a National language, it will be introduced in schools from 1st standard. In all signboards, it will be written in Hindi.
This will lead to destruction of other languages.

When a job-holder from Odisha goes to other state, he/she manage with Hindi in northern states and English in southern states. If they stay there for long time (5 to 6 years), they try understand the local language. If a Odia starts a business in other state, he communicates  in local language.
But in the reverse case, it is not happening when a non-Odia job-holder stays in Odisha for long time or businessman starts a business in Odisha. This is all happening because of the apathy of city dwelling Odias towards Odia language and gradually this tendency is getting carried forwarded to villages!

So, this imposition need to be stopped from Centre & from Hindi brethren and simultaneously Odisha people and Odisha Govt also need to understand the current issue and act accordingly.

Let Odia be our foundation and state language, let English help us in some jobs and let Hindi just be a 3rd language as it is now in Odisha.

ଯଦି ଓଡ଼ିଶା ଲୋକେ ଏହାର ଅର୍ଥ ବୁଝିଲେ ତାହେଲେ ଭଲ। ଯଦି ମୋ' କଥାରେ ଏକମତ ନୁହନ୍ତି ତା'ହେଲେ ଭୁଲି ଯାଅନ୍ତୁ ଯାହା ଏଠି ପଢିଲେ। ଧନ୍ୟବାଦ।


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