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Chetana, Chagala and Sanjana - Chagala Part3

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In the series of short stories related to the main character "Chagala", the last one was "Chhaya and Chagala https://ashishkumarnayakodisha.blogspot.com/2018/01/chhaya-and-chagala.html".
Here is the 3rd one "Chetana, Chagala and Sanjana"...

Chagala's childhood days was almost spent in his village.
Chetana was his childhood friend.

After few years, Chagala came to the city and Chetana also came with her parents to the same city for studies.
The place where Chagala was staying with his parents, there was very big building nearby. It was the house of a local landlord/jamidar. Chagala used watch so many people working under the landlord. If someone among the workers used to make any mistake, the landlord used to beat/torture them like anything. But the workers could never say anything or protest because they had a place to stay there and food to eat!
Chetana came near Chagala and asked "Hey Chagala, What are you thinking?".
Chagala: Just watching what is happening in the landlord's house!
Chetana: So, What did you learn from this?
Chagala: What I will learn from this?
Chetana: See! This is not an isolated incident that the landlord is torturing the workers. You will find many such people like him. Ok, They may not be landlord, they will be in a different position but the mindset or the attitude will be the same.

One day Chagala was returning from school. The local boys/school kids were walking behind him. They were throwing a plastic ball on Chagala's back vey hard, taking that plastic ball and again hitting...! They did like this multiple times. It was very very painful for Chagala but he could not say anything because he was new to the city!
Chetana came near Chagala and said "Hey Chagala, Why are looking upset?".
Chagala described the incident.
Chetana: You are new to the city and so could not say anything but one day you need to open you mouth, otherwise survival is very difficult.

Time passed like anything...

School was over. Chagala got admission in an engineering college. He came to know about something called "ragging" for the 1st time. The seniors used to rag the juniors. Chagala was also ragged by seniors.
One day, Chetana went to meet Chagala.
Chetana: Do you remember what I told you?
Chagala: About what?
Chetana: About the landlord.
Chagala: Oh Yes, I remember. The person may not be the same landlord but the attitude towards worker or juniors remain the same.

Chagala passed out from the college and started working in a Call Center in his native city Bhubaneswar. That Call Center had multiple branches, one in Bhubaneswar, one in Bengaluru, one in Ahmedabad etc.
In the Ahmedabad branch, a new girl joined named Sanjana. For official work, Chagala used to have some chat with Sanjana. Slowly, Chagala developed some feelings towards Sanjana. He thought of getting a transfer to Ahmedabad branch. He applied to his manager and started the journey one day.
In the trains, the co-passengers were there. Chagala had some chit-chat with them. After sometime, everyone took rest. Chagala opened his mobile phone and logged into Facebook...
In Facebook, Sanjana had a post and the post was about her engagement. Chagala was shocked!!!
Chagala could not decide what to do! Whether to get down from the train and return back to Bhubaneswar!
Chagala suddenly heard some sound as if someone was knocking on the wall of the train bogie like "tak tak... tak tak...".
It was actually Chetana who knocked the door of the house where Chagala was staying. :)
Chetana told, "Chagala, Get up. Otherwise we will be late to office as there is huge traffic jam near Marina beach".
Then Chagala realised that it was a dream. That Facebook post happened around 3 to 4 years back. After that, Chagala wanted to stay back in Bhubaneswar and did not like to go to Ahmedabad. He manager got irritated for that but finally agreed.
In the mean time, there was a requirement in Chennai and Chagala got transferred but the memories were there in his minds which took the shape of a dreams after these many years.

Then, Chagala and Chetana started to office in a auto-rickshaw.
The driver was driving like anything, too fast!
Chagala told the driver to drive a bit slow.
Chetana told, "Hey Chagala, What happened? You don't like this much speed?".
Chagala: You know about the accident, right? I was travelling in a bus. Another bus collided with our bus. One of my friend passed away! And after that, I have somewhat fear for high speed.
Chetana: See! Those incidents happen in life. You should not have those memories in you mind for long. Those who passed away, would never come back.
Chagala: Hey, You are talking like Buddha.
Chetana: Don't make fun of me.
Then both Chetana and Chagala laughed. :)

After sometime, the auto-driver asked Chagala, "Sir, Are you Buddhist?".
Chagala replied, "No. I am Hindu. Why?".
Driver: Nothing Sir. As you told Buddha, so I thought.

After sometime, the driver suddenly told, "Sir, College Katte...".
Chagala was surpised and asked, "What does it mean? College Katte?"
Driver explained, "College Cut. Means, the college students are bunking the classes and roaming near Marina beach".
Then the driver and Chagala had a laugh. :)

After sometime, the driver asked, "Sir, In the Auto, only me and you. With whom you were talking?".
Chagala could not reply anything because Chetana was not a girl. She was Chagala's Atma-Chetana or Self-Consciousness.

***Story of fiction***
***You may listen to the audio in my Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LX3oGCC87JY***


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