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RaaRaa-18 - The Illusion

Some thousand years ago.....
In the state of Masaka....

There was lesser known village in the state of Masaka, It was known as Kansyapura. It was inhabited by only hundred people. There were few kids also. They played together all kinds of games and interestingly they took their lunch and dinner together. One small school was also there, where they all studied. That village had a small but beautiful temple of Lord Raaga. Every year, they had to face cyclones. So one day, they all gathered in the temple and discuss what to do, as cyclone was damaging their normal lives. After a strong brainstorming, almost half of them decided to migrate. One day they all were migrated to capital city, Masakanagari, along with respective families. Before leaving their village, they all made promises in front of Lord Raaga that they will come back to the village after establishing themselves in the capital. Now only half of the population stayed back and one kid left. That kid felt lonely as he missed all his dear friends. One day he cried a lot and his father then told him not to worry as in very few days he would have some new friends. That kid relied on his father and started living in his own dreamy world. One fine day, his father decided to take him to a new school in Masakanagari for further studies.


One another village was there, known as Tamrapura. It was densely populated and close to Masakanagari. As that village was close to capital, they were able to do business with different kinds of persons. They were very rich also. A small kid was living there. He used to live in his own world. He never communicated with other persons and kids. He never used to play the games with them also. One day, some people heard him singing. When they approached him, he lied. He didn’t have friends. Practically he was living in his own utopian world.  That village had a very big temple of Lord Raaga. Near the temple, there was a big pond. That kid used to sit alone near that pond. His father was very much worried with his strange behavior. So he decided to move to Masakanagari, so that in the new atmosphere the behavior might be changed. Before leaving, he with his son went to the temple of Lord Raaga and prayed. The kid was surprised on this decision of his father and  felt sad as he had to miss his beautiful world. But something else was written in his destiny.


One day, the kid from Kansyapura went to new school in Masakanagari. That school was near about 600 years old and supposedly built by none other than the great Jatamanu. That school was very big. In that school there was a very big temple of Lord Raaga. A very big pond was also there. He felt happy in that atmosphere. Suddenly he made an eye contact with another kid. He smiled but didn’t get the response. That kid was also with his father, from Tamrapura. He was look sad. After their admission, they both allotted the same room. After having dinner in the mess, the kid from Kansyapura tried to interact with other kid but he didn’t get the response. He waited but after some time he went to sleep. On the next day, both went to their respective classrooms. The kid from Kansyapura was three years elder then the kid from Tamrapura. That day was very hectic for them. Both handled that day very actively. The kid from Kansyapura made some new friends but the kid from Tamrapura didn’t interact with others. On that night also they didn’t have any conversation. The kid from Kansyapura was worried as he wanted to have some conversations but no one is there. On the next day, he went to the Principal and told him about this. He eventually asked him to change his room. Principal told him to wait. During the lunch break Principal went to take a round. In the canteen he was delighted to see that both the kids were having lunch on the same table. He went to them and said, “Ajaketu, please come to my room after lunch”. They both looked at him and then at each other. After lunch, hesitatingly, they both entered in his room. While entering they looked at each other surprisingly. “Do we share the same name”, the kid from Tamrapura thought in his mind. Principal confirmed that they both share the same name and told them to be friends with each other. Both nodded. After dinner they both spend the sleepless night while interacting with each other. They both had lots of common things. They loved to sing, loved to write and had common crazy ideas. The kid from Kansyapura told him that from now we were brothers. In the school also, to avoid confusion, they were now Ajaketu Sr. & Ajaketu Jr. Ajaketu Sr. was good in athletics & poetry and Ajaketu Jr. was good in drawing and cooking. They were also the ardent followers of Lord Raaga. Also they loved Masaka very much. So, one day they decided to pen down their crazy ideas. They collected palm leaves and started writing. They wrote a lot of things related to their crazy ideas and crazy world, including the wars that took place in the past, the art & culture and Lord Raaga. They wrote long articles with detailed drawings, sometimes in poetic forms. They avoided sports, music and religion strategically.
They writings were appreciated throughout the Masaka. After completing their education, they both became exponents in scientific world. After a hectic scientific life, they interact with each other every night and continued their writings. They both were regarded as genius. After twenty years, they decided to compile all their writings in pothis. So they did the same and there were more than fifty pothis in just twenty years. After another twenty years they were having more than one hundred and fifty pothis to their credit. They also traveled a lot while writing and visited their native villages several times.


Another couple of years passed. Ajaketu Sr. was now sixty five years old and Ajaketu Jr. was sixty one years old. Suddenly one day the entire Masaka was shocked. There were several drummers in almost all villages and in all cities making announcements.

“Listen listen listen…. Ajaketu Sr. is now the President of an Extremist Religious Group and Ajaketu Jr, is the President of rival Extremist Religious Group.”

“Listen listen listen…. Ajaketu Sr. is now the President of an Extremist Religious Group and Ajaketu Jr, is the President of rival Extremist Religious Group.”

Although they stop writing at that age but continued to interact secretly with each other. In various functions they never interacted with each other and slowly and slowly they were regarded as the rivals.
But they were smiling and had lots of friendly discussion during their secret conversations that took place in the middle of night. As they know that was the perfect time to earn some Artha (Money) and religion was the best mode for that earning.


After thousand years, some people came to know about them. They tried to collect their writings and were in the opinion that those were not their crazy ideas but those were all part of our history, WHICH WAS CERTAINLY NOT……..

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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