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RaaRaa-13 - The Assassin

Some thousands of years back...

In the kingdom of  Masaka...

The king was Bhadrasika and he had a younger brother named Bhadrasima. The brothers were just like friends. Though the age difference was 8 to 9 years but they always maintained like best friends. Whether school or having food, they always wanted to be together till the dooms day...

There was a distant Kingdom called as Kavaka. The King of that kingdom was Kavaya. He was very brainy and with high physical power. Masaka kingdom and Kavaka kingdom were very much prosperous. Both the kingdoms had good relations. But Kavaya had always his eyes on Masaka kingdom as Masaka was very rich and prosperous as compared to Kavaka kingdom.

Times passes...

There was another kingdom called Agavi which was neighbouring to Kavaka. Some controversy erupted between Agavi and Kavaka for border issues. It lead to war. Small scale war continued for many years. Both side had heavy loss due to continuous wars.

One day the chief adviser to King Kavaya came to him and told him to initiate a large scale warfare against Agavi kingom. The King Kavaya asked, how? The advisor told him to drag Masaka kingdom to war and defeat both Agavi and Masaka kingdom. They planed and kill the messenger of Masaka kingdom. 

Masaka King Bhadrasika gets disheartened with this and very much angry as well. He planned to support Agavi kingdom against Kavaka kingdom. Younger brother Bhadrasima advised him not to jump into the war zone. He instead called the extremely skilled warriors and discussed with them. They suggested that they would catch the culprit and punish him. But Bhadrasika was so angry that he wanted a war.

War started between Kavaka kingdom alliance of Agavi and Masaka. Many soldiers lost their lives. As Kavaka army and King Kavaya were extremely powerful, they move towards victory day by day. One day, the King of Agavi got killed and after few days Masaka King Bhadrasika also lost his life in the war. There the war ended and Agavi and Masaka came under the rule of Kingdom of Kavaka under King Kavaya.

The death of brother Bhadrasika made the life of Bhadrasima miserable. One day, while roaming in the kingdom, he went to a village where the farmers used to stay and those farmers were also part time soldiers. Bhadrasima started living in that village, lived the life of a normal citizen as the Kingdom was ruled by King Kavaka. He started learning metal technology for livelihood as he was interested in that but he always remembered his brother. The villagers were sad to see grieving face of Bhadrasima.

A villager named Bajruka one day thought to take revenge on Kavaya. He planned with his fellow villagers. All of them were good at fighting skills as they worked as part time soldiers. Bajruka came to Bhadrasima and told him to create a big size metallic statue of ex-king Bhadrasika with separate body and head portion, the body need to have hollow inside and the head can be screwed and fixed with the body just like and bottle and its cover. Bhadrasima started working on that and completed it within a short span of time. They also built a temple in the memory of Bhadrasika.

On the day installation of Bhadrasika's statue, Bajruka went somewhere and no one was able to find him. Coincidentally, one more news came from the city that King Kavaya was also missing. Kavaya's soldiers searched for many months but they could not find him. 

Did Bajruka acted as the Assassin and killed Kavaya to take revenge on the death of King Bhadrasika? 
After thousands of years, people think of many things 
1) Where did Brajuka and Kavaya vanish? 
2) How people could not find their bodies if they were dead? 
3) Did Brajuka killed Kavaya and put his body inside the metallic statue of King Bhadrasika and fixed the head of the statue and permanently fixed the head and body by using temperature so that no one could open it again? 
4) Was Bajruka none other than Bhadrasima, the assassin?    

Ashish Kumar Nayak 
Ashish Sarangi

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