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RaaRaa-12 - The Used

Some thousands of years back...

Near the Kingdom of Masaka, there were two Kingdoms called as "Avaka" and "Basaka"...

The King of Avaka had two sons "Ajaka" and "Ajuka". The younger son Ajuka had the dream of being the King after his father but the elder son Ajaka was very good in administrative and war skills and by the way he was elder and so became the King. The younger son was unhappy with this.

After few years, both the brothers got married to the princesses of the neighbouring Kingdoms.
The elder brother had a son "Avakara" and the younger one had a son "Avakava". Avakara became the king. Ajuka was again unhappy as he could not become the king and his son also.

Ajuka waited for the right time...

One day...
The informer came and told to King Avakara that a poor had taken the "ambamruta" fruit.
The fruit ambamruta was only for the Kings and the rich in the Kingdom, not for the poor.
The courtmen immediately advised the King Avakara to give death punishment to the poor. King Avakara also agreed to it as he used to believe his courtmen blindly. And the poor man got death punishment...

Getting this opportunity, Ajuka immediately went to Ajaka and told abut the injustice happened to the poor. Though his son was the king, still Ajaka had the power and he called for a meeting. The courtmen who gave the suggestion for the death punishment stuck to their point but majority in the court were against it. And it was decided that King Avakara would leave the Kingdom and work as a normal citizen in the neighbouring Kingdom for 10 years. In his place, the younger brother Avakava would be the king. Avakava's father Ajuka was very happy with this decision.
This is the 1st instance how the King Avakara got used (by the courtmen)...

When Avakara was about to leave his Kingdom, his wife Mitarayi started with him. But Avakara denied and told that it was his fault and his wife should not suffer for this. After insisting so many times, still Avakara did not take his wife with him. After Avakara left, Mitarayi thought for few days and did something that was really astonishing. She used to go the village and sweep the area in front of the poor man's house who got death punishment. The man's family requested the queen not to do so but queen used to continue like that.

The King Avakara went to a village in the neighbouring Kingdom Masaka and started working there as a normal citizen. He did not tell his identity to anyone. One day some dacoits who were from the neighbouring villge attacked the village where Avakara was staying. Avakara single-handedly fought against them and saved the village. From that incident, the villagers had the doubt about him and upon asking he revealed his identity. He slowly became famous in the Kingdom of Masaka.

In that village, some people became his followers. Among the followers, there are always the oiling groups. They always tell the sweet things about the powerful/king/jamidars. There was enmity between that village and the neighbouring village. Avakara's fans always used to tell him against the neighbouring village citing the examples of the dacoit attack. Avakara got so much influenced that he started thinking the whole neighbouring village as criminal. One day, a fight happens between the two villages. Avakara fights for the village he was staying and the neighbouring village got defeated very badly. So, what was the conclusion? Avakara's fans started ruling the neighbouring village!
This is the 2nd instance how the King Avakara got used (by the villagers)...

Now, the story of the Kingdom Basaka comes into picture.
There the King was Basakama. He had a younger brother named Basakana.
He ruled his Kingdom very well. That time was called the diamond period of that Kingdom. He made his Kingdom so prosperous that most neighbouring Kingdoms were envy. He was a very good defender. He never used to attack any other Kingdom but if anyone attacked his Kingdom, he used fight to the extreme, capture the enemey King and kill him in such a manner that any enemy would shiver looking at that.
But why Avaka Kingdom and Masaka Kingdom were not envy? Any reason? The reason being the guru named "Abamasaka" who used to give his teachings in the Kingdom of Masaka. The students from all neighbouring Kingdoms used to come to him to get trained. Avakara of Avaka Kingdom and Basakama of Basaka Kingdom also got trained from him.

After the death of Basakama's 1st wife, he got married for the 2nd time.But his younger brother Basakana was interested in that girl. He never told that but nurtured enmity against his own brother.
After knowing about Avakara who was staying in a village in Masaka, he went there and told that he would be working as his servant as his elder brother Basakama was not a good person and got married to his beloved by force. Avakara didn't believe it fully but took him as a servant. Gradually Basakana did the brainwash of Avakara. As usual, Avakara also started believing in Basakana.

There was a war between a King Mrutesh with Basakama. That time, Basakana requests Avakara to support Mrutesh and fight against his brother Basakama. Avakara agrees to it.
War starts...
Basakama wins most of days of war against Mrutesh and so Avakara.
Now Avakara fights with Basakama. After few hours of fight, Basakama intentionally got himself hurt. Avakara also understood it. In the last stage of Basakama, Avakara came near him. Basaka asked whether he could recognize him. Avakara sain NO. Then Basakama told "Do you remember our Guru Abamasaka? He told me about you." Then Avakara realized that he killed a good friend Basakama and his younger brother Basakana cheated him.
This is the 3rd instance how the King Avakara got used (by Basakana)...

Avakara was in a deep depression after all these incidents in his life.
Finally he returned to his Kingdom Avaka after 10 years. He found his Kingdom to be very prosperous under the leadership of his younger brother Avakava. But one thing surprised him that Avakara didn't get married looking at the problems in his family and fight between brothers and their sons. Avakara somehow convinced Avakava to get married and then he declared him as the King of Avaka, not a power of attorney.

After few days, while roaming in the garden, Avakara heard from his servants "King(Avakara)'s wife was sweeping in front of the poorman's house for last 10 years. She is also a person from lower strata of society now. Will the King stay with her now?". He heard similar things so many times...
This is the 4th instance how the King Avakara got used (by the countrymen)...No No No...

This time, Avakara thought in a different way. He went with his wife Mitarayi to the same place where his wife was sweeping for 10 long years. He build a house there, worked as a teacher, worked as a farmer, worked towards making his own home, surroundings and village clean.

Thousands of years passed now.
Abamasaka, Avakara, Basakama are all worshipped as Gods by the people.
All is well.
he he he he he he he... :) :) :)
People are USING those God's names to earn money because it is all money money money.

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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