Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Overcome the difficulty in writing Odia in google-input-tool(mobile app)

Hi Friends,

This video tells about "How to write in Odia using Google-Input-Tool".

This video tells about "How to type in Odia & perform spelling-check using desktop software".

Now lets discuss about the google-input-tool mobile app. In this app, you can type by clicking the individual letters on the Odia keyboard.

But there are some limitations in google mobile app which creates difficulties in writing the letters ଡ଼ି and ଡ଼ା etc.
Let's learn how to overcome those difficulties.

How to write ଡ଼ି ?

1) When you type ଡ଼, then the suggestions for i'kaara(pronounciation of letter 'e') ି or aakaara ା are not displayed.

2) So, type the letter ଡ and then you can see the suggestions for ଡି and ଡା etc

3) Click on ଡି and then click on the 3verticalDot icon in the bottom and click the Dot in the small screen.

4) It will look like ଡ଼ି 

How to write ଡ଼ା ?

1) Type ଡା and and then click on the 3verticalDot icon in the bottom and click the Dot in the small screen.

2) It will look like below with the dot a little bit shifted.

3) Put the cursor inbetween the dot and the aakara( ା  ).

4) Type a ଡ଼ inbetween the dot and the aakara( ା  ).

5) Then put the cursor just after the aakaara ( ା  ) and it looks like below.
Now, when the cursor is just after the aakaara, click the BACKSPACE.

6) Now ଡ ଡ଼ା is ready.
Now place the cursor inbetween ଡ and ଡ଼ା and click BACKSPACE.

7) Now ଡ଼ା is typed correctly.

Check the below details to learn how to write Juktakhyara/Juktakshara in mobile app.

If you encounter any issue in future, just open the URL https://www.google.com/inputtools/try/ in computer, type in Odia.
Copy the text, open a MsWord Document and paste it.
And it will split the letters of the Juktakshara from which you can get the format and use while typing in mobile app.



  1. Wow.. Jiye janinathiba.. Taku bhala kama deba..

    1. ଧନ୍ୟବାଦ। ମୁଁ ବହୁତ ଥର ଅସୁବିଧାର ସମ୍ମୁଖୀନ ହେଇଛି। ଯେତେବେଳେ ସମାଧାନ ମିଳିଗଲା, ଛାପିଦେବା କଥା ଆଉ। :)