Monday, 27 February 2017


Before British came to India, we had jamidari (zamindari) system. In this system, there is a landlord who has some labourers under him. Though some jamidars might have been good, but most believed in dictatorship. The labourers will be just like bonded ones. Then one time came when the jamidari system was abolished after the Indian Republic was formed. People also became happy, thinking that there will be no more dictator.

Then a new concept evolved called as "corporate". It has two types job, one is white collar and another is blue collar. Many people preferred white collar one. Whatever salary they get, how they manage their life with that, didn't matter but what mattered is the white collar.

In a village, four guys were there.
One of them studied and joined software industry outside Odisha.
2nd one bought a trolley auto and started his business.
3rd one started a small restaurant Chakuli, Idli etc.
4th one started a small grocery shop.

When the 1st guy (software) used go home, his friends and relatives used to ask two questions "what is the salary?" and "Manager heluni kire (Did you become manager?)". It used to be a regular question. Then the time passed and he became senior software engineer. But the question remained the same "Did you become manager?". He was always confused, as to what is there in that "Manager". He worked under many manager and the job was going smooth. In 2008, there was market recession and he lost his job. For few days, he went home. And the same question again "Did you become manager?".

The 2nd guy, who brought a trolley auto, has now three autos and his business has grown.

The 3rd guy, who started a small restaurant, instead of rented house, has now build a small house and running the restaurant very well.

The 4th guy was  also running his grocery shop very well.

One day, they had a plan for get-together
1st 2nd 3rd ones came. The 4th one was absent. While discussing, as to why he didn't come, one of them told that he closed his grocery shop. His parents told that this grocery shop is not good and he should do a white collar job and become a manager. So he joined a bank as a sales person for credit cards. Then, the 1st one asked, Is he settled now? One answered, No. He lost his job and now searching but going through a lot of difficulties. So, the question in everyone's mind was "Was the grocery shop good and he screwed his life by closing the shop and searching for a 'Manager' post?"

The 1st guy came back to city and started searching for a new IT job as he also lost his job during recession. He got one in few months. And the time passed. One day, there was some issue in the project. The manager called him and other two members and told in anger "If this issue is not resolved 'I will make you all stand facing the wall and will whip you' ". Though the 1st guy has worked with other managers previously, but never faced this type of statement. After hearing this, two thoughts came to his mind, one is the "Yesteryear Jamidari system in India" and another one was the question asked by friends and relatives "Did you become manager?".

Next time when this software guy went home, he met the 2nd and 3rd guys, but the 4th one was absent due to obvious reasons that "Neither he got a better job nor he could dream of becoming a Manager". As usual, the 2nd and 3rd ones asked the same old question "Did you become manager?" to the 1st one. And he replied "When you have three trolley autos with you and two people working with you, are not you a Manager for them? When you have a good restaurant of your own and people are working there as cook or helper, are not you a Manager for them? So, why do you always think of the the designation "Manager" given by someone to you? What exactly people want, money or designation or both? Did anyone gave you the certificate of Manager to you both for running this trolley auto and restaurant? No. But you are a Manager of your own business. And we know what happened to our friend(4th one)!"