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RaaRaa-24 - Bajarana

Some thousand years ago....
somewhere in Coastal area....
In the state of Masaka....

There was a small village, near the city of Mamba. The name of village was Jupiitaka. Inside the village, there was a small forest. In that forest there lived a sage whose name was Bajarana. Bajarana ran a small school inside that forest. He himself taught the students about the concepts of  Architecture, Astronomy, Mathematics, Geography and Philosophy. There were more then 20 students in the school. 

Bajarana was a tall and handsome person, having perfect masculine figure. He had a long beard with moustache. His command over the subjects were excellent. From the overall personality he seemed to belong from a royal family. Within few years his popularity increased. His school strength increased from 20 to 200 pupils. Still he managed to teach them all. 


It was the reign of Queen Masumati at that time, in the holy land of Masaka, the land of Lord Raaga. She proved herself as a perfect administrator. She encouraged small entrepreneurship for self sustainability. She built a lot of temples and dedicated them to Lord Raaga. She encouraged the research in the fields of Architecture, Astronomy, Mathematics, Geography and Philosophy. She herself was an expert in Archaeology, Architecture and Astronmy. She mixed all these concepts and introduced archaeoastronomy in the curriculum of various schools. Beside all these, she was also an expert in Tantric philosophy. All the things were going smoothly. No internal war, no theft or murder cases registered within 5 years. One fine day, a messenger came in her assembly and revealed her that Pulu kingdom was making plans to attack Masaka. Pulu kingdom was established by king Pulu in the south of Masaka. Pulu kingdom was a powerful kingdom, having latest weapons and cavalry. Masumati got worried and declared high alert in the state of Masaka.


One morning all 200 pupils, after finishing their daily routines, gathered in the prayer hall. The prayer hall was an open air theater.  They all started meditation and then chanted mantras of Lord Raaga. Suddenly some anti social persons of the village came and started beating the students. They all were 10 in numbers and drunken.  Bajarana got furious. He shouted but those goons refused to stop. In the next moment, there was an attack on them from the top. Bajarana was flying in the sky and throw some stones on them. With this act of their master, some students also got courage and started beating them. Within few minutes they all ran away from the premises. After some time all the students calm down. Bajarana himself did the first aid and asked them about today's learning. They all hesitated. Then Bajarana told them about two important aspects of life. First "if we all united nobody can defeat us." Second "Never try to attack any person but if somebody attacks you, there is no harm if you attack them to protect yourself." This heroic activity of Bajarana spread in the entire Masaka like a fire.


The next day, Masumati arrived with her convoy in the ashrama of Bajarana. She inquired herself about the incident. All the villagers were gathered in the ashrama and surprised with this act of their Queen. They never expected such kind of gesture from her. masumati ordered her home minister to look into this matter and arrest those miscreants as soon as possible. She also briefed Bajarana about the possible war with Pulu kingdom. Bajarana assured all possible help to her. 


Suddenly one day, Pulu declared war on Masaka. Masumati never expected such an early war. She called Bajarana. Bajarana told his students that since the war had been declared, he had to close the ashrama permanently. They all requested him not to close it. Bajarana then appointed Minumpa as the new master. After this Bajarana went to Masumati. He had several meetings with the Generals along with Queen. He made strategies and told them to implement these in the war. that war was very dangerous. On the very first day, Masakans had to face a heavy loss. On second day, Masakans got success in killing several Generals of Pulus. On third day again, Masakans, lost their spreme commander. On fourth day, Bajarana took charge himself and destroy the army of Pulu. Bajarana was attacking the army from the sky. Pulus were surprised. In that attack, they lost their King. Pulus were defeated. Pulu kingdom was taken over by Masakans. Bajarana told Masumati that although the Pulu kingdom was now part of Masaka, but instead of ruling such a big state, she must give them the status of autonomy. In this way she can have a direct control over them. Masumati agreed and appoint a king in the Pulu kingdom. In this way, Pulus now became a feudatory republic, under the state of Masaka. 
Bajarana played an important role in the war. He applied special weapon of bajra on them, while attacking from the sky. And Pulus never expected such kind of attack. 


After this, Masumati offered the top General post to Bajarana. But he politely refused. He told her to arrange a barber. Barber arrived in the palace and shaved his beard and then Masumati recognized him. He was none other then his own brother, JATAMANU. He told Masumati that he will be available to save and protect his motherland, Masaka, whenever required. Masumati told her not to leave the palace. But BAJARANA/JATAMANU did not utter a single word and started his journey to another unknown place.

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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