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RaaRaa-10 - Bhalapata

After the psychological and language war, the people of Masaka developed a different syndrome. They all became lazy and stopped laborious work. The amount of time they spend in their fields and other sector were reduced. This made them a little weak in economical perspectives. The king, Sthiraka was too old to motivate the new generation and so he was also worried. He decided to call the businessmen and other elites in the assembly. He told them to elect a new king as he was too old to lead the state. They all decided to have a competition and the person who will emerge victorious will be the new king. They declared about the competition, which was a three day long, through the present king.
On the day of competition total fifty aspirants appear and after the three day long battle one person emerge victorious. His name was Gajapa...

Gajapa was a son of cobbler but he was least interested in all those kind of shoe mending work. So, he started travelling all over the Masaka. He learned various tribal languages and then became an exponent in Masaki language. He also learnt the various warfare techniques. He also learnt various tantric rituals and customs which he could use during any emergency. And above all, he was a worshiper of Lord Raaga...

After becoming King, he ordered to make a palace for Sthiraka near to the temple of Raaga. His first decision. Then he ordered to the army to make themselves prepare for any kind of war. This was a surprise to many. The commander-in-chief came to the king and told him about the treaty the erstwhile king made with Bayavi. Gajapa politely refused to see that treaty and told him that an order is an order. He also ordered to make female troops of warriors and opened doors to female in the army.
His decisions were widely accepted and across the state and soon he rose to a new level of height. One day, he saw a beautiful girl. He got in love with her on the first sight. “She is having sparkling eyes; every outfit would love to embrace her body. She was a beautiful mystery. Her life wasn't a fairy tale, but she sure was a princess” he thought in his dreams about her.
After enquiring, he came to know that she was a daughter of his minister and her name was Kanaka. He called the minister and expresses his desire to marry her. Without any second thought minister nodded and they got married. The celebration was grand. Sthiraka himself came to bless the couple and lots of events took on the day.

After couple of years, Kanaka gave birth to triplets. Gajapa named them as Hangupa, Mukhapa and Kapipa. There was a joy in the whole Masaka after this news was spread. Meanwhile, Gajapa started worshipping Raaga as per tantric rituals and customs, in his palace. The chariot making system of Lord Raaga, which was started by NisiaDei was still a custom. Every year this custom was going on inspite of all kinds of problem. Gajapa like his predecessor continued the custom. He went to Garden Temple as a part of custom and worshipped Raaga. One night he had a strange dream. He woke up in the middle of night and started his journey to the temple of Lord Raaga, in the port city of Manuka. He arrived in the early morning and after seeing the king, gatekeeper opened the door of temple. Gajapa went their alone and spent near about four hours inside the temple. He reappears and again came back to his palace in Masakanagari, without telling to anyone. He started some secret tantric rituals in his own palace and named it BHALAPATA…..
BHALAPATA was a new kind of tantric techniques through which you can communicate with Lord Raaga easily and it was something out of the box.

After some years, in an accident Gajapa and Kanaka died and Hangupa was made the king at the age of 16. Hangupa soon declared that Mukhapa is the new in charge of education system and Kapipa as in charge of medical emergencies. Both brothers agreed. One day suddenly Hangupa got some literature works of his father Gajapa. On the book, BHALAPATA was written with blood. He read the whole book and also gave that to his brothers. It was written in Masaki language. At the age of 18, they all become aware about the tantric pattern invented by their father Gajapa. They started implementing all those things in form of drawings and songs. But as they were afraid that if someone knew this then he or she might use all these in negative sense. So to protect these, they wrote some mysterious things, in same Masaki language but in different manner so that the common citizens or intellects also won’t understand this. But Hangupa told everybody that our mother nature is the epicenter of all the systems and we have to worship her also in the same manner in which we all are worshipping Lord Raaga. So as per some mathematical and astronomical calculations, he ordered to build several temples of Mother Nature near temples of Raaga. In Masakanagari, hundreds of temples were there that belong to Raaga and now they built the same numbers of Mother Nature. All the things were going smoothly. The Masakans, were, once again regain power in each and every sector, from architectural marvels to education, from agriculture to warfare technologies.  

In the mean time, a person came to their state. His name was Kukhyaka. On the very first day, he opposed the tantric rituals and patterns in which the priests were worshipping Lord Raaga. He also opposed the tribal manner of worshipping. Mukhapa came to know about him and immediately he called his internal minister and asked him to check the activities of Kukhyaka.

Kukhyaka was very crooked. He learnt Masaki language within fifteen days, mixed with the people and encouraged them to stop the tantric rituals and tribal worshipping of Raaga and provide his pattern of rituals and customs of worshipping. Some people also got convinced and started worshipping as per the materials provided to them by Kukhyaka.
Hangupa got worried after seeing all these things. He ordered to have a secret meeting with his internal minister and his brothers. After that meeting Hangupa invited Kukhyaka in his palace and challenge him about the tantric and tribal concepts and customs. Hangupa and Kukhyaka had a five day verbal fight about the rituals and customs. In the last, Hangupa won that and immediately ordered Kukhyaka to left the Masaka. Till now the people were not able to understand the real things. Kukhyaka left the palace and eventually Masaka. But he left some of his disciples in the state.
Then started a conspiracy theory. The disciples of Kukhyaka, lived in Masakanagari, learnt all kind of warfare technologies. One day, they killed Mukhapa and Kapipa. Hangupa got furious after hearing this news. This suddenly put a question mark on the governance of Hangupa. Citizens were also worried about their safety and security.
One day one messanger came to the court of Hangupa and told him about the planning of Kukhyaka. He also told him that kukhyaka was none other than a secret member of agents that belong to Bayavi. Now Hangupa was angry and he told Kruresh, the king of Bayavi, who was now in his fifties, to handover Kukhyaka to him or face the war. Kruresh agreed to handover Kukhyaka to Hangupa amidst lots of opposition. Kruresh told his assembly that whatever happened had happened, we cannot face the war with the mighty Masakans, who had a well equipped army and trained soldiers and moreover their king Hangupa, who was well versed with all kind of warfare techniques as well as BHALAPATA.

Kukhyaka was made prisoner and in the prison he was died.
In the meanwhile, Hangupa married and her wife gave birth to a girl child. Time went slowly. Peace, once again, prevails in Masaka. All live happily and without any conflict. But two things were there which Hangupa neglected. First, the Masakans started worshiping Mother alongwith Raaga and second slowly and slowly, a thought comes to their mind about their belief in tantric worshiping of Raaga, whether it was good or bad, as Kukhyaka was able to gain the sympathy of the Masakans…..

Ashish Kumar Nayak
Ashish Sarangi

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