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"Sharmila and Chagala" - Chagala Part1

1st year of Engineering...

As per the wish of the senior students, need to wear uniform, need to hold the bag in hand instead of hanging on shoulders, and have to always look down etc etc. One boy named Chagala (it is a nick name in Odisha which means 'naughty boy') from my village got admission to engineering that year. 

Chagala was very much afraid as he used to hear the stories about ragging.During the college time, Chagala never used to go to library during day time because that is where the senior boys used to catch the junior. So he used to go to library during evening time. He tried to escape like this for quite few months. One day... in library... suddenly someone called "Hello". Chagala came to know that some senior girl called but he acted as if he didnt hear. Then the senior girl called "Hey neli shirt, tatey dakuchhi (Hello blue shirt, calling you..)". Chagala went near the girl and told "Yes Maa'm" looking at her. Maa'm got angry and told "Hey toka, Muhan ku kana anauchhu kire? (Oh boy, Why r u staring at me?)". Chagala apologized. Maa'm told "Go and make 500 rounds of the college". Chagala was really afraid and about to cry. Then maa'm told "Arey thataa karuthili, Jaa (Hello, I was just joking. U can leave.)".

Ragging period was going on like this for few months. Chagala was very much eager to know the name of that senior girl. But whom to ask? If he asks a senior, he will definitely get slapped and if asks a classmate, then there is a chance that he/she may tell to the seniors. Chagala was in dilemma.

One day while talking to friends, one fellow told that some "Sundari(beautiful) maa'm" is there in senior batch. Sundari maa'm? Friend told "Once a senior guy told me to find who is Sundari maa'm. I didnt know what to do. I then asked to a girl of our class and came to know that her name is "Sharmila" ". Friends asked "Why is she called as Sundari maa'm?". That classmate replied "Many guys proposed her but she has not agreed to anyone.😊".

There was the time of Welcome function for juniors(Chagala's batch). Seniors(Sharmila's batch) arranged the program very well. Chagala is very good in modern dance. He performed a break-dance on the song 'Urbasi Urbasi take it easy Urbasi'. That was the 1st time when Chagala had a chat with Sharmila. 
Sharmila was also a good dancer. Chagala came to know about this during the annual function of the college. 

One year passed and now Chagala in 2nd year and Sharmila in 3rd year. During the annual function, Chagala wanted to have a dance performance with Sharmila but suppressed his emotions thinking how to tell this to a senior girl!

One day a senior guy was fully drunk and shouting. Chagala came to know that the senior fellow proposed Sharmila and she denied. Like this, many guys were there who registered their names in "Sundari ra eka tarapha premika talika (Sundari's one-sided lovers' list)".

One more year passed and now Chagala in 3rd year and Sharmila in 4th year of college. One day suddenly, Chagala gifted a rose to Sharmila and told "Mu tumaku bhala paye (I love you)". Sharmila somewhat got irritated and angry thinking that how come a junior guy can propose her! That day in Boys' hostel, Chagala's friends and seniors teased him like anything stating "The next fellow to register his name in Sundari's one-sided lovers' list is Chagala Chagala Chagala...". 😊

One more year passed and now Chagala is going to 4th year and Sharmila completed the Engineering degree. Juniors(Chagala's batch ) arranged a farewell party for the seniors(Sharmila's batch). After the party was over, Sharmila gave a card to Chagala in which it was written "Will wait for you!".

Sharmila and Chagala got married and having a happy life in one of the major IT-cities in southern states of India. 💑

***This is a fiction and all the characters are fictitious. If there is any resemblance to anyone, it will be considered as a co-incidence.😊***

***You may listen to the story on my Youtube channel"

Ashish Kumar Nayak

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