Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Odia and Indonesian words

I was just going through some word-meanings with the help Google-translate and thought of checking if there is any match between the Odia words and Indonesian words as there were huge trade and cultural links between Kalinga and Indonesian countries in the past. Here are some findings:

1) mother - Indonesian: ibu - Odia: bou
2) thumb - Indonesian: ibu jari - Odia: Budha aanguthi

    So In Indonesian they tell it as "Mother finger" and in Odia we call it as "Old finger".
2) man - Indonesian: manusia, Sinhalese: Minisa, Odia: MaNisha(pronunced as MaNisa)
3) woman - Indonesian: wanita, Odia: banita/jhia
4) belly - Indonesian: perut, Odia: peta
5) male - Indonesian: pria, Odia: purusha(pronunced as Purusa)
6) female - Indonesian: wanita, Odia: banita/stree loka
7) lion - Indonesian: singa, Odia: sinha
8) dear - Indonesian: sayang
    friend - Indonesian: teman

    In Odia, friend means sanga which matches somewhat with the meaning of dear in Indonesian.
9) there - Indonesian: sana, Odia: sethi
10) husband - Indonesian: suami, Odia: swami (probably taken from Sanskrit. In colloquial Odia "Ghaitaa/Gerasta" )
11) wife - Indonesian: istri, Odia: stree (probably taken from Sanskrit. In colloquial Odia "Maaipi/Maaipa" )
12) two - Indonesian: dua, Odia: dui
13) three - Indonesian: tiga, Odia: tini
14) sound - Indonesian: suara, Sinhalese: sabda, Odia: shabda (pronunced as sabda)
15) king - Indonesian: raja, Odia: raja
16) queen - Indonesian: ratu, Odia: rani
17) temple - Indonesian: Candi

In Odia, it is called deuLa or mandira, but "Candi/Chandi" is the name of a Godess.
18) buddha - Indonesian: Budha

In Indonesian pronunciation, Buddha is Budha but Budha means oldman in Odia.
19) ear - Indonesian: telinga, Javanese: kuping, Sinhalese: kana, Odia: kana(kaana)

Sinhalese name exactly match with Odia. But Indonesian meaning matches with something else. Telinga matches with Trilinga/Trikalinga and Kuping may match with Kalinga.
20) horse -
Indonesian: kuda, Odia: ghoda
21) cock - Indonesian: kokang, Odia: kukuda
22) elephant -
Indonesian: gajah, Odia: gaja/hati
23) indra - Indonesian: indera
24) fasting - Indonesian: puasa, Javanese: pasa, Sinhalese: Upavaasaye, Odia: Upaasa/Upabaasa


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