Sunday, 14 May 2017


Many years ago, there was a country named "MASAKA" in the coastal area. The native tribes used to live there. Their society was very much civilized and developed. They used to have one of the most powerful kings in the continent, King VIGA. The prime deity of the tribes were God RAAGA. King BIGA ordered the construction of a massive temple for the God RAAGA in the city capital MAPUT. The temple housed the God RAAGA. People were very happy with this initiative of the King. The business, education system etc. were also in good shape, along with the religious process.

After some years, the King died and his son and after few years his grandson took charge of the Kingdom. That was the time when a great person named JAJAPA was born in the Kingdom. From childhood, he came to know about the tribal culture, his place and was very much attached to the God RAAGA. He was very much interested in the astronomical science from childhood. When he became young, he studied at a famous school in a village MAKUM. He became a very good writer on scientific studies especially related to astronomy and started using the concept of astronomical sciences in house and buildings constructions. 

After some years, there was a turning point. The new culture started entering the Kingdom. The then king of the Kingdom was BIHA. He slowly started adopting the culture of new God RAAHA. The new version of worship system also entered the temple of God RAAGA. And gradually the God RAAGA was started getting converted to the God RAAHA. The kingdom and the neighboring kingdoms also started adopting the new culture of the new God RAAHA. The gradually led to the extinction of the old culture of RAAGA.

The astronomer/science expert JAJAPA was very much unhappy with this change in the culture. But there was nothing in his hand. It was all the decision by the king. One day JAJAPA decided to meet the king. As he was an influential person in the Kingdom, he thought to take a chance and give a proposal to the king BIHA.
He told to the king: "King, We had the temple for our own tribal God RAAGA and we used feel him as one among us. But with the time, the culture got changed. And Sir, you have accepted the new culture of the God RAAHA and our own God RAAGA is no more. We are not able to feel that closeness with the new God RAAHA."
The king felt bad after hearing this and asked JAJAPA about his suggestion.
JAJAPA suggested to build a new temple for their own God RAAGA as the current temple is converted based on the new cult of RAAHA.

The king agreed to the proposal and ordered a new temple at the village MANUK, under the astronomical scientist, JAJAPA. A total of 5000 artisans were hired from locally as well from different countries. JAJAPA took a lot of pain for the new, proposed temple.The temple construction completed within 4 years. On the day of installation of the deity RAAGA, there was a grand festival. JAJAPA was very happy with this. When the procession is going on and people are bringing the idol of RAAGA to the temple, someone gave a drink to JAJAPA. After drinking that, JAJAPA fell ill. The king BIHA ran to him and immediately called the doctors but unfortunately JAJAPA died on the spot.
With the demise of JAJAPA, the king stopped the installation of the deity in the temple for 4 years as a token of respect.

After 4 years, the temple opened and the deity got installed. But the deity was not RAAGA. It was a mixture of RAAGA and RAAHA, called as RAARAA!!!!
Destiny played its role.....

Ashish Kumar Nayak, Ashish Sarangi

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