Tuesday, 4 August 2015

How to develop our(Odisha) Tourism sector?

---What WE(CITIZENS) need to do?---

1) We(internet users) need to join the tourism blogging sites like TeamBHP or BCMTouring etc and start blogging on the places we have visited or the craft mela/festivals happening in Odisha.

I have created some blogs in BCMTouring.


And I am sure I can attract some tourists through my blogs.
We have 30 districts in Odisha and we need some bloggers from each districts who can do this job about the places in their district which has tourism potential.
Then we need to share the blogs and pics in social media like facebook, twitter etc and add Odisha Tourism's twitter handle to it.

2) People(locals) need to change their approach. How can it be possible when they dont have any idea about tourism potential and of course they dont get a chance to read these things written in facebook or twitter?
But it can be done by the Hotel industries. Those who won small hotel, lodges, they can start educating their employess as to how to behave to a tourist and also they need to start talking to local petty shop owner on the points related to tourism. I am not telling that they need to preach. But just in a Odia Khatti time, they can put the topic on tourism and tell the local shop owners about the benefit of it.

---What ODISHA TOURISM DEPARTMENT need to do?---

>>>Odisha Tourism department need to  their job as they have started in full force just few months back

1) Create road connectivity among all tourist places in all districts of Odisha
2) Construct small range hotels and lodges in the area. Dont go for star hotels in the beginning as it may be a loss. There need to proper water and sanitation facilities in the area and obviously cleanliness
3) Change the look and feel of the tourist place so that people will be attracted (as they have done at Lalitagiri/Udayagiri/Ratnagiri). 

I have 4 blogs on these places. 
(Again...What I want to tell here is that we citizens need to advertise what good our govt department has done.)

4) Govt has just started JAJABARA rest areas. It gradually need be implemened throughout Odisha
5) Create multiple tourism circuits based on the types or places
   a) Pilgrimage circuit based on Hindu monuments: Puri Jagannath, Sambalpur Samalei, Kendrapada Baladeba Jiu, Ghatagaan Tarini, Balangir Rangei Deula, Hirapur Chausathi Jogini and Ranipur-Jharial Chausathi Jogini  etc
   b) Pilgrimage circuit based on Jain monuments: Bhubaneswar Khandagiri/Udayagiri, and other Jain temples in Western districts.
I have some videos of the places that rarely people know- 

Tourism dept need to search and develop these places
   c) Pilgrimage circuit based on Buddhist monuments: Jajpur Langudi/Lalitagiri/Udayagiri/Ratngiri, Maniabandha Buddhist village etc
   d) Waterfall circuit: Harishankar, Devkund, Ghagara, Khandadhar etc . The list will be endless
   e) Beach circuit: Chandipur, Puri, Gopalpur etc
   f) Art and Craft circuit: Raghurajpur Pattachitra, Pipili Chandua, Sambalpur Saree, Berhampur Saree etc
   g) Based on area: If someone want to travel only Western dists, then plan for temples, waterfalls, handloom in that area. If only southern dists, plan for the same in that area like beach, waterfall, hadicraft etc

6) Continue the advertisement in internet, TV media and never stop the advertisement because advertisement is just like the engine of an aeroplane. After the flight takes off, the engine should still continue running.
7) Advertise in big hoardings in important cities like Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Sambalpur, Rourkela, Berhampur, Balasore etc
8) Last but not the least: Maintain high security in tourist places

Ashish Kumar Nayak

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